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Blogs from January, 2021

silverfish in bathroom

Silverfish are found in homes throughout the United States. They are small and wingless insects claimed to be nearly 400 million years old, making them one of the oldest living insects on our planet. Silverfish are harmless to humans, but they can cause severe damage to items inside our homes. Homeowners need to know how to get rid of silverfish. They can reproduce very quickly, and an infestation can go unnoticed for long periods as these insects only come out at night to feed. They are usually attracted to the starch contained in pages of old books and old sweaters. Once an infestation is discovered, it is extremely tough to know if the home remedies are working. Moreover, traditional pesticides cause no harm to silverfish.


Silverfish are, as the name suggests, silver in color with an occasional white to brown or grey. Sometimes even bluish-silver. These insects grow to be up to 19mm in length and are teardrop-shaped, having three long bristles on the rear end.


These nocturnal creatures are incredibly hardy insects and can survive in almost any climatic condition. However, they love the dark, cool and damp corners inside homes. Where paper, clothing, and wallpaper in plentiful. They are attracted to the starch, sugars, and carbohydrates present in these household items.


Silverfish can cause allergies, attract other pests such as carpet beetles, and chew large holes in clothes, carpets, paper, etc.

Signs Of Infestations:

Signs of silverfish infestations are tough to detect. However, inspecting damage caused to carpets, books and clothes can help you guess their presence.

Prevention & Removal

The best way to control infestations is by controlling the humidity of the suspected infestation area. Sealing of vents, cracks, nooks, and crannies, similarly limiting their food supply by disposing of old books, papers, cardboard boxes, clothes can help.


Traps, insecticides, and pesticides will only help kill individual insects. Similarly, most pesticides available in the stores will not help as these insects remain unaffected by them.

The Solution To Silverfish Removal In San Antonio:

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, hiring a professional exterminator such as Accurate Pest Control can help. Our professionals follow a 3 step process that will help with silverfish removal in San Antonio  making sure every corner is treated, including behind electric plugs and tiny cracks in the wall:

  • Quick Kill Treatment
  • Focus on hiding spots of pests
  • Introduce a growth regulator protocol to stop the breeding process

We keep in mind that the peace of your family isn’t disturbed in the entire process. We also offer a wide range of other pest control services in San Antonio, Texas. Feel free to call our customer service helpline number or visit our website to read about Silverfish and other pest control solutions.