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Blogs from December, 2020

silverrfish on brown leather

Lepisma Saccharina, commonly called ‘Silverfish,’ gets this nickname from the silver color and the way its body moves in a back-and-forth motion. The real problem arises when these critters start to thrive in your home and cause damage. If you want to eliminate silverfish from your home, this blog may be helpful to you. We at Accurate Pest Control have listed quite a few reasons why silverfish survive in homes and how to tackle them.

Why Do Silverfish Thrive In Our Homes?

There is plenty to eat:

Silverfish eat a sugary substance called polysaccharides, commonly found in various household objects, like book glue, carpet fibers, furniture glue, paint, fabrics, and even our furniture.

Plenty of places to hide:

They usually leave their eggs, which look like tiny white and yellow bulbs, in dark corners and moist, hidden areas of our home.

Ample moisture:

Just like other household pests, silverfish thrive in moist environments.

Places to survive:

Lepisma Saccharina or popularly known as silverfish, live up to 8 years and are frequently reproducing throughout their lives. This is the main reason they are a big nuisance and, over time, cause damage to precious household items over time.

Do D.I.Y.s help?

Below are a few tips we have recommended to keep them at bay until you get ahold of a certified pest control company to help with the problem.

  • Boric acid is an inexpensive household cleaner known to kill insects and bugs by starving them. They kill the eggs as well, preventing any further damage.
  • Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized material mostly used to kill silverfish, allowing them to die of dehydration. Sprinkling it in places where there is infestation will help to solve the issue.
  • Cedar oil/shavings act as an insecticide, and its smell repels silverfish. Sprinkle the cedar shavings where these pests frequent.
  • Cinnamon works as cedar shavings and helps keep the fish moth at bay due to the smell.
  • Citrus fruits also act as an effective home remedy to eliminate silverfish from homes.

Prevention And Silverfish Removal In San Antonio

Silverfish are known to be nocturnal and move very quickly on surfaces. They are very secretive, and infestations can go unnoticed, allowing them to grow in numbers. They are hardy and can survive in any environment; however, they prefer moist and humid areas. Silverfish nymphs can develop quickly in damp areas. Hence to control and prevent infestation, it is essential to control humidity in the house, preferably in vents, crawl spaces, basements, etc. Similarly, keeping the house clean prevents silverfish from feeding and can help deter their growth and drive them away.

If your home is already infested with silverfish and you have tried all the popular D.I.Y. methods, then it’s time you seek professional pest control in San Antonio. Addressing an entire infestation cannot be carried out by using D.I.Y. methods or insecticides sold in stores. We are one of the certified pest control companies in San Antonio that have designed a three-step process; our strategy includes quick kill, a focus on hiding spots of pests, and a growth regulator protocol to stop the breeding process. To learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control processes, call us today!