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Blogs from March, 2021

skunk in yard looking for food

Skunks are troublesome critters known for the foul odor of their spray and their digging habits. Skunks leave holes in your garden when searching for food, and they can damage your structures if one chooses to build a burrow beneath your house. Apart from this, skunks are the prime carriers of rabies in the Midwest. Rabies is deadly to both humans and pets unless treated right away. If you think that a skunk may have rabies, it is advisable not to approach it and call for wildlife animal control in San Antonio for help. Also, there are two forms of rabies in skunks: the ”furious” form, where skunks become violent, and the ”dumb” form, where they become placid by human presence. A few other signs of rabies in skunks to look out for include activity during the daytime, a wobbly walk, drooling, or foaming at the mouth. Apart from the above, the most important question to take note of is in what months are skunks most active?

At Accurate Pest Control, We Believe That Skunks Are Most Active From February Into Early March.

However, a warm day can get them moving in search of a mate. Wildlife animal control in San Antonio experts considers skunks’ prime mating period is during these months.

A few area fire departments also receive calls when a skunk leaves its odor near a furnace intake. In this position, a skunk’s odor can be confused with a noxious burning smell. Even if you make that mistake, it’s better to call for help than risk a possible fire getting out of control. The rise in urbanization is squeezing the natural habitat for wild animals. Therefore, cities now are experiencing more of these animals in the garden/backyard. Often, homeowners encounter certain species for the first time and have no idea how to deal with them. This is where calling upon a pest control company in San Antonio becomes the need of the hour.

We agree that possessions and life are very dear to us. But it is also essential to care for wildlife. If you face any problems related to skunks invading your space, get in touch with our certified and best pest control company in San Antonio and deal with the situation in the most environment-friendly method. 

We understand eradicating skunks from your home/yard can be challenging. Since females may burrow together, more than one trap may be required. For more information, call our professionals quickly. We use one-way doors, animal repellents, and the best animal trapping methods to eliminate skunks from homes/businesses. The people of San Antonio can rely on us, and we will do whatever it takes to resolve your pest issue and provide safe removal of skunks without harming them.

Don’t get skunked trying to abolish these animals on your own. Consult a reputed pest control company in San Antonio for easy trapping and control assistance.