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Blogs from February, 2021

big skunk in a back yard

Black and white stripes and spot is necessary to identify a skunk. There are four species of skunks found in North America. Since they are nocturnal and very adaptable, they can carry several germs that can quickly spread rabies. A skunk is unliked for its strong odor sprayed in self-defense; it is mostly because the skunk spray can cause intense uneasiness when it gets into humans’ or pets’ eyes. These creatures can use this robust defense mechanism and cause nuisance, and yet offer few benefits to the surroundings they live in.

With the help of wildlife animal control in San Antonio, you can keep skunks away from your property and keep it free from skunks’ foul smell.

First Things First! Identify A Skunk On Your Property.

Classified as natural burrowers, skunks can damage the framework of homes by constructing burrows underneath. These holes on your property are often the indication and confirmation of the presence of skunks. Additionally, the musk smell they carry is an indication of their existence. Such symptoms indicate a high possibility of skunk infestation on your property.

How To Keep Skunks Away?

Abolish Food Sources

Skunks are foragers looking for food and shelter. The best way to keep them away from your property is to stop feeding them. You can quickly achieve this by maintaining trashcans secured with tight lids. A mesh fence also works wonders to keep these critters away from crops and fruits in your yard. If you have a pet, try feeding it indoors to discourage skunks from visiting your property.

Flashing Lights

Powerful lights are a tried and tested method to keep these nocturnal creatures away. Several San Antonio homeowners add spotlights to their yards as strong skunk restraints. But the only disadvantage is that these lights could bother neighbors and add to electricity bills; hence it might not be an ideal resolution.

Mechanized Sprinklers

Skunks are shy and fearful of almost every action. This is one of the prime reasons why fitting electronic sprinklers work as a repellent. When the motion sensor sprays water, it can drive the nocturnal pests away, never to return. However, installing automated sprinklers is not a cost-effective solution. Even after taking preventive measures and performing DIY techniques, skunks may still hang around on your property. In situations like these, eviction is the most suitable resolution. Seeking help from the expert pest control company in San Antonio will guarantee skunks’ safe removal and keep them off.

Skunk removal is a technique best done by the professionals of Accurate Pest Control. We believe that when the foul smell and unusual holes appear on your property, eviction of skunks by the best pest control in San Antonio is the best resort.

We use one-way doors, animal repellents, and the best animal trapping methods to remove skunks from homes/businesses. San Antonio’s people can rely on us to offer safe removal of skunks without harming them.

Get in touch with the experts at Accurate Pest Control today for guidance!