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Blogs from May, 2021

flea biting human skin

Fleas are ectoparasites and nuisance pests that are spotted on dogs and cats. Did you know that the most common fleas are cat fleas in the United States? There are 2,500 different kinds of fleas across the globe. Being a pet parent puts you at more risk of catching a flea infestation as your beloved pet can bring them into your house from outside. Some fleas can even infest dogs that spend more time inside the house. Fleas may pose a risk not only for pet owners but also for the pet they attach to. Fleas can get into homes in different ways, such as through fabric or fur. They later lay eggs that finally hatch after the larva and pupa stagings. This cycle can cause a flea infestation on your pet that will need quick treatment. We at Accurate Pest Control believe that fleas can bite humans but don’t live on them. Initial bites don’t irritate the skin, but they develop a hypersensitive reaction if exposed for a long time. 

Can Fleas Live On Humans?

Fleas can harm humans as they carry diseases that pose a severe threat. Once attacked, a person’s skin will often become red and irritated where the flea attaches to the body. Once indoors, fleas can rapidly spread as they lay eggs quickly, leading to rapid infestation. Fleas are potentially active in warm climates and can cause numerous dangerous diseases such as Bubonic plague and Murine Typhus, impacting humans. Both the diseases are from bacteria and require urgent medical treatment.

Fleas don’t live on people because they need abundant hair like those on animals, and it isn’t simple to reproduce without the protection of fur or feathers. A research stated that a flea is required to feed on a human for a continuous 12 hours to lay eggs. It is unusual for a flea to feed on humans for that long without getting noticed.

You will wash or scratch off a flea well in advance before they even start to breed. Also, it is rare for a flea to spread from one body to another. It’s more likely that an animal or an individual will catch fleas from areas where they reside and relax. Bringing an infested pet bed into a home could help fleas grow to another level.

Flea Exterminator In San Antonio

Since fleas can reproduce fast in your home, it is advisable to reach out to a licensed pest control company in San Antonio to eradicate them. It would help if you practiced flea control consistently to keep your home safe for both pets and your family members. If your family experiences problems caused by fleas, contact Accurate Pest Control quickly. We will ensure that flea infestation is cared for by the best bug exterminator in San Antonio. We will help you remove fleas and flea larvae, thus preventing fleas from returning. 

Call our reputed exterminators in San Antonio on (726) 268-5733 to seek professional flea control services.