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Blogs from May, 2022

Flea crawling in white pet hair

Fleas prove to be a bane for humans, livestock, and pets. These creatures continue to pester us and torment our pets. Once they infest your house, it’s a pain to get rid of them. Identifying the early signs of fleas can help you get better control of them in your home and yard before the situation gets out of your hand. 

The hot days of summer are the peak time of flea season. In Texas, the risk of a flea infestation is even higher. It’s time to start looking for preventive measures to safeguard your pet and home before the prime-time flea season kicks in.  

How To Identify Flea Infestation? 

Fleas can be introduced to your home in numerous ways. If you spot one or two fleas, there are chances of more fleas for sure. For every flea you see, 99 others would be lurking in the shadows. If left unattended, they can be difficult to exterminate.

Here are some of the common signs of flea infestation in your home:

1. Your Pets

The most common carrier of a flea infestation is your pets. While your dogs walk through grassy or wooded areas, they are exposed to fleas. Fleas can jump from pet to pet. Please check the fur, head, neck, and hindquarters of your buddies after they play with other dogs or cats. 

Reddened areas or some fur loss are the signs of flea bites. Don’t ignore it. Contact your vet right away to get their treatment recommendations and look for flea control measures. 

2. Check Pet Beds 

Fleas do not just infest the fur of your buddies, but also lay their eggs on pet beds. Check their beds, couches, furniture, and every other place your pets lay for a long time. Pro-tip – Use a magnifying glass to identify off-white, oval flea eggs. 

3. Look At The Carpets And Rugs

Rugs and carpets are some of the common places for flea infestation. Run your hands over the carpets, and if you spot some fur-like thing (eggs), it’s most probably a sign of flea infestation. 

4. Excessive Scratching 

Fleas do not just attack your pets, they also attack humans. Many pets and humans are allergic to flea bites that cause an itching reaction with inflammation and redness. If you are encountering these situations, get yourself tested. It may be a sign of flea infestation.  

5. Assess Your Yard 

Assess your outdoor flea population around the yard, pull on a pair of white socks, and stroll around the yard. After a while, check “flea dirt or eggs stuck to your socks.” If it’s almost covered, your yard is infested with fleas. 

Time to get flea control in your San Antonio home

To get rid of fleas in your home, professional flea control treatments are necessary. The expert team of accurate pest control will deeply inspect your house and take preventive steps to eliminate its infestation on time. Contact us today to get professional pest control services in San Antonio.