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Blogs from May, 2021

flea jumping

It is one of the most terrible experiences for any pet owner to witness their pets with a flea infestation. If you have a pet, you will encounter such difficulties somewhere in your lifetime. Fleas are nuisance pests known to create havoc in the household but can suck the life out of your innocent pets. We at Accurate Pest Control don’t want your beloved pets to undergo this agony and want you to deal with the situation by helping you spot the potential signs of fleas efficiently. Prevention is the answer to keeping your pet and everyone in your home happy and healthy. Being a licensed bed bug exterminator in San Antonio, we have safe, effective products and ways to keep fleas out of your home.

1. Abnormal Red Patch On The Skin

Did you know that flea bite saliva can also be allergenic for certain dogs/cats? These allergic reactions need not be restricted to the bitten body part either. Flea bite sensitivity can cause rashes or wounds anywhere on the body.

2. Hair Loss

Your pets can suffer from hair loss, medically known as alopecia, which can occur due to many things; for example, it can also be a reaction to flea bites. Dogs/cats can also uproot some of their hair due to the constant biting/licking of the flea bite part on their skin. You must do a proper analysis and develop a treatment plan if the pattern and severity of alopecia persist.

3. Unusual Biting, Scratching Or Licking

Fleas are opportunistic arthropods that suck the blood out as a food source from your pet. Once a flea grabs onto your pet, they naturally set up their nest in hard-to-reach places, namely the head, neck, tail, armpits, or groin. If you see your pet constantly biting, licking, or scratching at these places, it indicates pesky parasites such as fleas.

4. Pale Gums 

If your pet has pale gums, it can indicate that your pet has a severe case of flea infestation. Pale gums are a natural symptom of anemia. This happens because the amount of new red blood cells formed by your pet is insufficient to battle the loss of blood that the fleas are sucking out from them.

5. Flea Dirt

Have you ever seen tiny blackish-brown specks on your beloved pet’s body or in areas around your home? It is flea dirt, which is flea feces accumulated of digested blood. You can easily spot flea dirt in the house by simply wearing white socks and walking through areas frequented by your dog. This way, flea dirt can be picked up by the fibers of the socks and will show you in the background.

Today, the most common mistake made by pet owners is not seeking professional help. Flea treatment for your pets is equally vital. Researchers say- for every one flea you discover and kill, there are 100 more ready to jump back into your pet’s fur.

Ours is a trusted pest control company in San Antonio that cares for your pets and their health. We have a wide range of exterminators for your home in San Antonio. 

Call us if you’re experiencing a flea infestation or need any guidance regarding other pest control services.