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Blogs from November, 2021

house cricket on kitchen counter

Did you know that crickets search for food with their long antennae? Crickets come in different species and are primarily found all over Texas. Most of us have often heard the chirping sounds males make to magnetize female mates. This constant chirping noise can be very bothersome, but more significantly, you may be wondering if crickets are at all harmful.

Accurate Pest Control is a licensed home pest control company in San Antonio, TX that believes crickets aren’t harmful to humans. However, you need to be concerned if you have expensive items in your home such as curtains, upholstered furniture, wallpaper, or a plant because crickets like to chew on textiles, paper, and foliage. This is one of the countless reasons you shouldn’t have crickets flying around inside your home.

Crickets can bite, but they cannot bite into the human skin easily. But this doesn’t mean these critters are risk-free. The risk with crickets doesn’t lie in their bite; it lies in the diseases they carry, such as E.coli and salmonella. They are also known to have worms that can be excreted in their feces. If you touch a cricket or its feces, there is a possibility to develop a sore/rash on your skin. Similarly, you could unintentionally bring in hazardous bacteria that may be ingested later if you handle food.

The biggest issue with pest-borne illnesses is that symptoms frequently get blamed on the flu. If you have a flu-type occurrence in your home and you have been having pest problems, consider the possibility that the two events may be connected. These pests can be like locusts in your backyard and make holes all over your house plants. Since they are indiscriminate destroyers, they have no idea what you consider valuable.

Being one of the bonded pest control companies in San Antonio, TX we have seen the bite of the cricket and the potential diseases and the damage these pests can do in your home. There is one more aspect to the damage/harm these invaders can carry, i.e., psychological trauma. Crickets are known for the irritating sound they make when they rub their rear legs together. It can be soothing to listen to cricket tunes when you’re walking in nature. But when you’re at home listening to this sound repeatedly, especially early morning, it can get quite annoying and frustrating. A few days of this, and you’re most likely not going to think those crickets are so harmless.

If you’re spotting crickets on your property, we are here to help. Our professionals at Accurate Pest control in San Antonio, Texas will provide effective solutions and apply insecticides to eliminate crickets from your property and ensure that your home is free from crickets. 

At Accurate Pest Control, we can keep these nuisance pests out. Contact Accurate Pest control in San Antonio, Texas today to get a free quote.