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Blogs from September, 2021

Rattlesnake in the sand

People spend most of their life hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors but rarely encounter a rattlesnake. Most people believe that a bite of a rattlesnake is excruciatingly painful and deadly. Individuals should always be alert and careful where they step or put their hands in an area with dense vegetation. People should most certainly be cautious after dark, as on warm nights, rattlesnakes are actively searching for food. In dry expanses worldwide, rattlesnakes make their way quickly into a backyard.

Want to make your yard an inhospitable space for rattlesnakes? Contact Accurate Pest Control experts; our wildlife animal control in San Antonio will provide you with all the help you need in removing these dangerous critters from your yard.

Here Are A Few Hacks That Prove Beneficial In Making Your Yard Safe From Rattlesnakes:

  1. Have a Rattle Snake Proof Fence: Invest in rattlesnake-proof fencing, especially if you live in an area that’s home to rattlesnakes. Homeowners can easily find many stores that stock snake-proof fencing. A snake-proof fence should be solid and have mesh gaps not larger than 1?4 inch, which is around 0.64 cm, and it should be at least 36 inches, which is 91 cm tall. You could stroll through your local hardware or garden supply shops and home-supply store to find one. 
  2. Check your House for Gaps: Check and close any unwanted gaps/holes in all your doors, vents, windows, and other openings in your home. One of the significant aspects to check here is to look for gaps below doors, especially in the garage door and the exit from your garage to the house. This will help make it rattlesnake-proof and eliminate the chances of other critters getting in too.
  3. Cut tall grass in the yard: It is always good to have a clear view of your yard; if a rattlesnake slithers by, you can spot it quickly. In addition, you cannot see the snake moving if the grasses in your yard are high enough for the snakes to hide. Moreover, you do not want to step on it accidentally. Most Wildlife animal control in San Antonio recommends that you trim grasses regularly as it makes it easier for homeowners to spot rattlesnakes.
  4. Usage of Rattlesnake Repellents: It is highly recommended that you don’t use rattlesnake repellents; because it is not an ordinary person’s job to deal with a poisonous reptile; it is best to leave the job to the professionals. Individuals should not use mothballs; though they are highly toxic to insects and mammals, they are ineffective against snakes. 
  5. Call for professional help: If a rattlesnake invades your backyard, it is essential not to panic. Firstly, send kids and pets on the property indoors. Secondly, call pest control experts in San Antonio and ensure the rattlesnake does not approach the house until the necessary help does not arrive. There is a possibility that the snake is strolling through your yard and would go away, especially if you have made your property unfavorable to a snake; the snake should leave the premises.

Does your yard still have rattlesnakes? Get in touch with our bonded professionals at Accurate Pest Control today.