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Blogs from November, 2021

rat crawling

42% of all mammalian species in the world are rodents, accounting for approximately 2277 species. Most rodent species are small, secretive, have heightened senses of touch, taste, and smell. Rodents are known for their ability to reproduce at a fast pace. Rodents are problematic because they are effective invaders. The most prominent invasive rodent in the United States is Rattus and the house mouse. The giant pouched rats are a cause of concern as they have established and become invasive in Florida. This article focuses on rats and how they impact the environment we live in.

Rats cause several types of damage; the most prominent is the damage they cause to standing crops and stored foodstuff. They also contaminate stored food through defecation and urination. Rats transmit numerous diseases to humans, pets, and livestock. Rats were the leading carriers of bacteria that caused the Black Death plague killing millions of humans worldwide. Rats infected with the Yersinia Pestis bacteria, commonly called the Black Death, reached California via ships. 

Rats also destroy garden crops and are known to predate on eggs and baby chickens. In countless instances, rats have caused noticeable damage to roads, bridges, and railroad track beds due to their strong burrowing activities. Rats populations can multiply rapidly if not kept in check. And once the food is scarce, they turn to gnaw on plastic pipes, electrical wirings, wooden doors, window sills, and building insulation. Poor sanitation and the accumulation of trash and leftover food give rise to the rat population in the inner-city areas. 

Rodent Control In San Antonio

If you notice rat or rodent activity in your neighborhood, it is advised to call a professional rodent control service provider in San Antonio like Accurate Pest Control.

House mice are the most widely spread mammalian species in the world next to humans. House mice are a significant cause of damage to stored food and crop fields in the San Antonio area. Substantial amounts of stored foods, cereals, corn, legumes, and grains are destroyed by rodents in San Antonio. 

Rodent control in San Antonio is essential to keep the population of invasive rats and house mice in control. When using rodenticides, various mitigation measures should be taken to avoid, reduce, or minimize nontarget hazards and environmental impacts. We at Accurate Pest Control strongly suggest that you leave this job to our experts.

Hiring professional exterminators from Accurate Pest Control to control rodent infestations in your home or neighborhood will be cost-efficient and ensure proper precautions are taken to minimize risk to the surrounding environment. 

Our expert rodent control team will conduct preliminary monitoring and decide the feasibility of eradication. After initial checks, the team will perform the eradication according to state regulatory compliance and provide you with vital information to keep future infestations in control.

Always remember invasive rodents will constantly pose a challenge to homeowners and farmers. Many tools are readily available to reduce the rodent population, but they all have associated risks involved. 

Call Accurate Pest Control for all your rodent control needs in San Antonio. We provide a comprehensive range of pest and rodent control services to customers in San Antonio.