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Blogs from November, 2021

argentine ant on a plant

Approximately 10,000 known ant species are living around the world. Did you know ants are recognized by the constriction between the abdomen and thorax, which looks like a narrow waist? Their bodies are covered with a rigid shield called the exoskeleton. The majorities of ants are red or black and are 1/3? to 1/2? in length. All ants have six legs each, with three joints, and they have large heads with compound eyes, elbowed antennae, and strong jaws.

Within an ant colony, there are three types of adult ants:

  • Queen
  • Female ants
  • Male ants

The Queen is the largest ant within the colony. The queen ant’s primary life purpose is to lay eggs and increase the population of the ant colony. It is said, the queen ant can live for up to 30 years. Certain ant species and colonies contain more than one queen ant.

Female ants are smaller in proportion to the Queen; they are usually wingless and sterile. Females are the offspring of fertilized eggs from the Queen and have a life span of not more than three years.

Male ants are also off-springs of the Queen, the only difference being they develop from unfertilized eggs. Male ants are also known as drones, have wings and are fertile to mate with the Queen. The life span of male ants or drones is a meager 10-14 days after mating.

An ant’s life cycle consists of four stages:

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa and
  • Adult

Once the Queen lays eggs, they hatch into larvae and are fed and taken care of by the worker ants until they become pupa which takes approximately 7–8 days, after which they emerge into the colony as adults.

Ants are very social and live in a very sophisticated and structured community. Ant species determine their habitat consisting of underground colonies or mounds built at a ground level or within plants or trees—the most common nesting matter used by ants to create their settlements is soil and plant matter. Ants are known to become inactive during winters.

Our Exterminators In San Antonio Have Outlined Other Facts That Make Ants Special?

  1. Ants are fascinating insects. Certain ant species have been in existence for 100 million years and have survived mass extinction events that made dinosaurs extinct.
  2. Ants are found everywhere except the Arctic and Antarctic.
  3. Ants are capable of lifting objects 20 times their body weight.
  4. Cooperation is the core of ant colonies. Up to 50 million ants can get together to function as one organized, efficient ant colony.

Accurate Pest Control Exterminators in San Antonio 

We believe that ants are the most common pests humans encounter. There are countless households that have faced pest infestations in San Antonio. Many individuals complain of their furniture or wall containing ant colonies. Therefore, we use Termidor® to eliminate ants 100% in 3 months or less from homes. Termidor® has been named America’s leading termite control by pest control experts. This treatment is very effective in eliminating the ant problem from your property.