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Blogs from June, 2022

Pigeon on the edge of a rock

Calling a pest control company is normal if you suffer from rodent infestation or bed bugs. Generally, in the case of a termite infestation, we get to see the damage it is causing to our home and ask for help from pest control experts, but when it comes to pigeons, we neglect taking infestation control measures as we do not know the health hazards associated with it. In addition, we don’t even know how to get rid of it or where to call for assistance. 

Most of the time, pigeons get a free pass from most of us as they mostly stay in the exterior, or we are pretty accustomed to their presence. But pigeons are known to carry deadly diseases and can host several parasites like fleas, ticks, flies, etc. Even their nests are home to many insects which are harmful to humans. So the infestation should be taken seriously. Here we have listed five diseases which are caused by pigeon infestation. 


It is a fungal disease that can occur from pigeon droppings. Although this fungus is abundant in the soil everywhere in the world, it can also grow exponentially in pigeon droppings. It weakens the human immune system. Healthy people don’t generally get it without any significant exposure to it.


The disease generally infects birds like parrots but it also infects pigeons. The infected bird’s dropping can make humans sick, with a health disorder called psittacosis. The symptoms are rash, chills, fever, fatigue and severe headache.


It is also a fungus found in pigeon droppings. If you inhale it while cleaning, the fungus might travel through your respiratory tract and can cause serious infection. The symptoms of this disease are chest pain accompanied by fever and fatigue. Although the disease cannot be transferred from person to person, it can cause risk to the bearer.


It is an infection caused by parasites which come from pigeon dropping, especially when they dry out. The disease affects the lungs, brain, liver, and other major organs. Therefore, it is a very harmful health disorder and can often cause life risks. So it is advisable to call the pest control services in San Antonio if you are witnessing pigeon infestation.


Alveolitis is a lung disorder caused by feather dust and fecal materials of pigeons or other birds. It takes 10 to 20 years to develop into a disease with continued and consistent exposure. But once infected, it can cause serious damage to the lungs and their inner linings. 

Final Thought

A pigeon-infested home is not only prone to diseases but can also make it messy. For example, you may experience bad smells from infested rooms. The pigeons tend to block certain spaces. Thus, if you are witnessing such an issue, wait no more and call Accurate Pest Control immediately to get professional help.