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Blogs from June, 2022

House centipede crawling on bathroom wall

Centipedes are creepy creatures that cause uneasiness and discomfort to homeowners in San Antonio. These many-legged creatures have been scurrying and breeding in homes across North America for a long time. Since it’s the time of the year when they start popping up around homes and businesses, knowing the preventive measures for eliminating these creepy creatures is necessary. 

If you are concerned about house centipede issues or just curious about why these insects invade properties, here are some interesting facts: 

1. Centipedes Are Not Dangerous 

Though centipedes are poisonous and can inject venom to kill their prey, they are usually not dangerous to humans. 

Their jaws cannot easily harm the skin, and their poison doesn’t harm humans. Even if they bite in self-defense, it may feel like a bee sting that causes slight pain or swelling. There’s nothing life-threatening. 

2. Centipedes Don’t Have 100 Legs 

Contrary to their name, centipedes actually don’t have 100 legs. In fact, house centipedes have 30 legs or 15 pairs. Each leg is about the width of a thread and very short. They have one pair of legs per body segment and always have an odd number of pairs.

3. The Other Pests Are Present If You Have Centipedes In The House 

Centipedes create a lot of discomfort for many homeowners. They feed on other pests, including spiders, worms, insects, and mollusks. If you have centipedes around your house, there are chances that you have another pest issue that looks like a buffet to them. Don’t neglect these risks. 

4. Centipedes Are Speedy 

These creepy creatures rely on speed to catch their prey. Their multitude of legs, segmented bodies, and lack of a waxy coating allows them to move extremely quickly. Recent studies say centipedes can speed up to 1.3 feet per second. 

5. Centipedes Are Not As Waxy As They Look 

Whenever you spot a centipede, you may see them as sticky, creepy creatures. They are considered arthropods. Most arthropods have a waxy coating that can hold moisture. 

In reality, not all centipedes are like most arthropods. Despite their shiny look, some centipedes don’t have a waxy coating. It’s one of the reasons why they live in very dark, damp areas. 

6. Not Every Centipede Lives Outside 

House centipedes are commonly found in homes. They have a unique trait of completing their entire lifecycle, from egg to old age, indoors! You may spot them in the interiors of your house. 

7. Centipedes Are Active At Night 

These creatures are nocturnal. They are active at night hunting. During the day, they prefer to hide inside dark, moist areas of the property. Bathtubs sinks, or washrooms are some of the common places where you will spot these creatures. 

Remove Centipedes From Your Property

Nobody prefers to live around these unwanted pests. If centipedes are too close to your home, reach out to the Accurate Pest Control. By providing the best pest control in San Antonio, we’ll make sure they stay away from your property.