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Blogs from March, 2023

Termite walking on wood nest

When you live in a warmer, more southern state like Texas, there are a few things you need to understand as a homeowner. One of those things is that termite infestations are incredibly common in our area.

In this article, we’ll discuss three facts about termites that every homeowner in San Antonio should know. Or, to receive ongoing assistance with termites and other pest problems, don’t hesitate to partner with the experienced technicians at Accurate Pest Control. We work diligently to offer excellent San Antonio pest control services and treatment methods that protect your property from the many pests that call this area home. Contact Accurate Pest Control today to learn how we handle termite infestations. 

Termite Colonies Can Grow To Be Very Large

Discovering a termite colony on your San Antonio property is an unpleasant experience. Not only are termite infestations destructive, but their colonies can grow very large within a few short years. A termite colony containing 30,000 to 50,000 individual termites is considered a small colony. On the other end of the spectrum, a large termite colony can have more than one million termites. Unfortunately, the damage termite infestations cause tends to scale with the size of their colony.

As a termite colony grows and expands, so does the damage it can cause, which is why it’s important to implement a professional termite control plan before termites invade your home. Reach out to Accurate Pest Control today to ask about our effective termite treatments. 

Termites Cause 5 Billion Dollars Worth Of Damage In The US Each Year

Did you know that termites cause more costly damages for United States property owners each year than floods, earthquakes, and tornados combined? Despite their tiny size and reclusive habits, termites inflict significant structural damage to homes in San Antonio and throughout the United States. Around $5 billion goes toward repairing termite damage annually.

If you want to avoid dealing with termites in San Antonio (and the damage they cause), your best option is professional services from a licensed pest control provider like Accurate Pest Control. Give us a call today to request a termite inspection or ask about our termite treatment options. 

Termites Will Not Leave On Their Own

You can’t simply ignore termites and hope they’ll leave one day. A termite infestation will continue to grow and cause more problems with time left untreated. When one termite colony matures, it will send out winged reproductives to infest other areas of your property and build their nests. 

The only way to eliminate termites and ensure they never return is by implementing a year-round termite control plan from Accurate Pest Control. You can trust our licensed technicians to deliver excellent treatment plans that defend your home against termites and many other pests. Don’t allow termites to continue damaging your San Antonio home. Instead, partner with Accurate Pest Control today to keep your property free of termites year-round.

Termite Damage Can Be Avoided With A Call To Accurate Pest Control

When faced with all these alarming termite facts, it’s natural to start searching for solutions. Thankfully, you don’t have to search for very long because Accurate Pest Control has you covered. We’re ready to provide top-quality termite removal services so your home is protected from the damage these tiny pests cause. After a thorough inspection of your property to identify the location of a termite infestation, we will customize a treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

Contact Accurate Pest Control today for more details about our home pest control services. Remember, Our Name Scares Bugs to Death!