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Blogs from March, 2023

House cricket on kitchen counter

Of the many pests that may infest San Antonio homes, crickets are one of the more common. They naturally gravitate towards homes and are very good at utilizing available resources to survive. They have high reproduction rates and are good at avoiding predators. They are also very cautious insects that can detect threats from a long distance away. Area homeowners are no strangers to crickets. In fact, crickets are one of the most commonly encountered bugs in San Antonio homes. 

If you see crickets in your home, you will not be happy. You want them out as soon as possible. For pest control in San Antonio, turn to Accurate Pest Control; they are the company you want when you have crickets. They know how to get rid of crickets and will work with you on getting crickets out of your house fast.

What Do Crickets Look Like?

There are many different types of crickets that you will encounter in San Antonio, each of them with a different overall look. Most of them possess large hind legs that they use to jump, however, and this particular aspect is a good general way to identify them. Where roaches tend to be flat and wide, crickets are generally as tall as they are wide. All crickets have pronounced antennae on top of their heads. Crickets are very wary. When approached, crickets will try to run away. They are fairly fast runners; if they feel threatened, crickets will resort to hopping, allowing them to move faster. Jumping crickets are much harder to catch, given that they are moving forward quickly, as well as up and down at the same time. 

Even though you may encounter many types of crickets in your home, you want them all out of your house. Give us a call, and Accurate Pest Control will hop over to your house and send crickets running. We know how to keep crickets out of your house.

Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My House?

Thankfully, crickets are not venomous. They also do not bite or sting. Crickets are more of a nuisance pest in San Antonio homes. Unfortunately, they breed well and stay close to areas providing food, water, and shelter. If you have crickets, you can count on them hanging around for as long as you let them, and the longer they hang around, the more of them there will be. Crickets can be unsettling and have a knack for getting into small spaces. You may begin to find them everywhere in your home.

If you get little crickets hopping inside your home, you want them out. Accurate Pest Control knows how to do that. We also know how to keep crickets away. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Crickets In My House?

Crickets do not respond to DIY products well. They tend to be wide-ranging, but individuals tend to stay in certain areas. You may get some of the crickets, but you will miss others. Crickets can also easily live up to two weeks without food and water, with some types able to go considerably longer. Crickets are a classic hard-to-control house pest. Once you have an infestation, they will tend to keep reappearing, leading to considerable frustration on your part.

Don't be frustrated; be happy! Accurate Pest Control has a history of fantastic cricket control outcomes, including crickets. We use individualized pest control approaches and safe, effective treatments to make sure that your home stays free of unwanted house pests and that you stay free of unnecessary frustrations and worries. Call us today and let us help you with crickets and other house pests. 

How Do I Prevent Crickets In The Future?

Here are some tips to help prevent crickets from returning after you get rid of them:

  • Keep a clean yard. Piles of wood or yard debris can become cricket condos.
  • Clear up inside clutter. Crickets are wary pests and love to hide in clutter.
  • Clean inside counters and floors. Easy food sources quickly attract pests.
  • Eliminate leaks. High moisture areas are incredibly attractive to crickets.
  • Inspect often. Check your home for pests often. Small infestations are easier to treat.

These tips will help reduce the chances that crickets will infest your San Antonio home, but nothing, unfortunately, can guarantee that they won't hop over for an extended stay anyway. If that happens, Accurate Pest Control stands ready to help you get rid of them. Call us today for a free quote, and let us surprise you with our professionalism, expertise, and extended history of satisfactory results.