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Blogs from May, 2023

Field cricket on a blade of grass

Belonging to the order Orthoptera, crickets exist in most parts of Texas. Crickets usually prefer dark areas with moisture and humidity. Crickets consume an omnivorous diet based on availability, which may include aphids, insect larvae, flowers, and leaves. In this area of Texas, three of the most prevalent types of crickets include field crickets, house crickets, and tree crickets.

How do you reduce the number of undesirable little crickets that exist on your property? Consider speaking with a local pest control company like Accurate Pest Control regarding possible treatment options. Our trained San Antonio pest control professionals understand some of the best ways of dealing with crickets and know how to keep crickets away. 

What Are Crickets?

What are some of the characteristics that might identify a tree cricket? The tree cricket has a thin body style with antennae and appears in shades of white or light green. Field crickets are much darker, commonly appearing brown or black. House crickets, which can reproduce indoors, are easily misidentified as field crickets yet have yellowish bands on their head. 

Are there flying crickets? The three species that are most common in this region have wings, but they are usually poor fliers. 

Crickets are largely nocturnal creatures that remain active at night. Do crickets sleep? During the daytime, crickets enter a dormant, restful phase. 

The Problems Crickets Can Create On Your Property

Crickets in San Antonio are primarily a nuisance pest that poses very minimal risks to human health. Crickets have a mandible (jaw) that generally lacks the strength needed for biting humans. 

However, crickets might carry unwanted parasites that could spread E.coli or salmonella. Crickets may also cause mild damage by chewing on fabric materials or paper. 

Crickets often invade this in large numbers following extremely dry summers. Here, the natural volume of fungus within the soil declines which often kills many of the developing eggs in a normal year. During the years with dry summers, San Antonio’s sidewalks, streets, and other exterior areas often become covered with crickets. 

Ways To Deter Crickets Easily In San Antonio

What are some of the best methods for limiting cricket activity around your San Antonio home? Consider some of the following tips for deterring crickets:

  • Limit bright outdoor lighting that often attracts crickets to the area of homes.
  • Keep yard areas well-maintained and free of unnecessary debris and overgrown vegetation.
  • Prevent indoor access by repairing torn window screens and installing sweeps along exterior doors.
  • Make sure to put any garbage outside in secure bins with lids.

Crickets reside in natural, outdoor environments, often in residential settings, making them an ongoing source of headaches for local property owners. Seeking assistance from licensed pest control experts like Accurate Pest Control is usually the best move. 

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Way To Get Rid Of Crickets

How do you get rid of crickets in the house and yard areas? Many local residents mistakenly take matters into their own hands when bothersome crickets are living throughout their property. Some individuals try mythical home remedies or store-bought sprays or traps for limiting crickets that are unsuccessful and result in prolonged aggravation. Consulting with a local cricket control company represents a much better solution. 

Since 1990, Accurate Pest Control has continued generating positive outcomes for customers in residential, commercial, and industrial environments throughout San Antonio by providing high-quality animal and pest control solutions. Our formula for decades of success is no mystery; rather, it is a combination of simple best practices. 

We strive to create value using competitive and transparent pricing without taking shortcuts or compromising safety. We offer unparalleled responsiveness, demonstrated by providing emergency services for those with immediate concerns and usually arriving within 24 hours for other situations.

Our company’s leadership remains committed to superior customer service and stands behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact our office today regarding an estimate.