Signs You Have Raccoon Infestation And What To Do About It

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Did you know that Raccoons’ hands have many nerves like taste buds, which send messages to the brain? Yes, you heard that right! Smart and docile, raccoons have been around for 40,000 years and are known for their ability to thrive almost anywhere, although they prefer locations near water and food sources. Desirous dumpster divers, these masked bandits, have learned the art of living among humans in cities and rural habitats. We at Accurate Pest Control have a proven reputation and are one of the best wildlife control companies in the San Antonio area since 1990. At Accurate Pest Control, we have outlined quite a few signs that will tell you whether you have a raccoon infestation in your home. 

  • If you speculate you have a raccoon infestation, check out for raccoon footprints similar to human footprints but are only a few inches long. 
  • Droppings and scratch marks left at the trees or woodpiles are vital signs of a raccoon infestation.
  • If these signs are undetected, then look out for tumbled trash cans, trash-strewn across your garden, low growls, and hobbling noises as raccoons run along your rooftop or inside your walls.

Raccoons have incredibly dense underfur and sensitive and sharp paws. These critters have a knack for remembering tasks up to three years later. These curious pests will eat your ornamental fish, destroy your bird feeders, lay waste your backyard, eat directly through your drywall, and dirty your pool.

How To Eliminate Raccoon Infestation And Rodent Control In San Antonio?

  • Granular repellents present adequate security around flowerbeds, attics, sheds, and barns, while liquid spray repellants are ideal around trashcans, plants, roofing, flowers, trees, and bird feeders.
  • Keep a lid on your garbage bins and secure the tops with bungee cords or even cinder blocks. Twofold bagging food products can also keep raccoons at bay from smelling last night’s scraps.
  • Ensure not to leave any pet food outside, collect any fallen tree fruit, and secure your bird feeders at night.
  • One can stop a raccoon invasion through isolation ways like using metal flashing and metal mesh to cover all entry points into your home.
  • Installing electrical fences around your garden will also keep raccoons away. Clean up lawn debris like woodpiles and old logs that could be used as raccoon cover or shelter.
  • Place motion-activated floodlights, radios tuned to talk radio stations, sprinklers, and ultrasonic noisemakers will scare the wily raccoons. Scents like pepper, Epson salt, garlic, predator urine, and mint-scented garbage bags can also act as deterrents.

The most reliable way to drive a raccoon off your property is to bait a live trap with nuts, fruits, or other food items. Once the raccoon is in your catch, you can take it to a suitable place at least 8 to 10 miles away from your home. Since it is illegal in most states to trap and relocate raccoons without a license, it is best to leave this job to a licensed professionals at a pest control company in San Antonio such as Accurate Pest Control .

We use one-way doors, animal repellents, and the best animal trapping methods to drive off raccoons from homes and businesses. San Antonio’s people can rely on for us to offer safe removal of raccoons without harming them.

Call Accurate pest control today if you have a raccoon infestation in your home.

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