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Ants are a primary pest problem in homes and business spaces in San Antonio. These tiny insects are often spotted indoors and outdoors foraging for food and water. Along with being one of the most commonly reported pest control problems, they can eat anything that is edible (even dead insects). That’s why you’ll often find them in your kitchen cupboards, picking at the food you just bought the day before. They’re also attracted to rotting or moldy wood.

Since ants are infamous for painful stings, getting complete control of an infestation demands professional intervention. Accurate Pest Control has end-to-end pest control services in San Antonio you can rely on.


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An investigation is the first step towards identifying the species of ant that has taken residence. Remember, not every ant species is treated the same. There are more than 12,000 species that exist across the globe. Figuring out critical differences among these species based on characteristics such as size and shape makes it easier for ant extermination teams to create a suitable strategy for complete eradication.

Different Types Of Ants

Carpenter Ants: tend to live in rotting or damaged wood and can be found when building their nests.

Red Imported Fire Ants: give a painful sting and construct large mounds for nests.

Pavement Ants: are capable of infesting a building and generally make their nests in cracks and grooves in the pavement.

Pharaoh Ants: can transmit staphylococcus and pseudomonas infections. They are commonly found in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and apartment buildings.

Our Ant Pest Control squad can investigate and recommend a perfect solution for the ant infestation on your property in San Antonio. So If you need help with home pest control or commercial pest control, contact Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio.

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"I have always been impressed with Accurate Pest Control.  I did switch companies a couple of years ago and was back with Accurate very soon after.  The quality and customer service are excellent.  Someone actually answers the phone when you call and they are always wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend Accurate Pest Control."

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