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Bed Bug Control In San Antonio, TX

Say No To Bed Bugs With Accurate Pest Control

Do you keep getting bites during the night? Are you noticing a mysterious sweet scent in the home? It’s too cold for mosquitoes to be around, and you’ve already searched the dog for fleas. That means it’s time to check your mattress for bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed on animal blood. Often spotted in couches, beds, and chairs, these pests are returning to San Antonio properties in droves. There are thousands of reported infestations every year and hundreds of homeowners who don’t realize their plight until the situation has grown out of control.

If you’re spending your nights tossing and turning with a growing fear of bed bugs, don’t hesitate to get help from a team of seasoned experts, such as the crew at Accurate Pest Control. We’re one of the highest-rated pest control providers in San Antonio, TX, and have over 30 years of bed bug extermination experience under our belts. Unlike other companies with their bottom lines in mind, we focus on the customer first. From mattress encasements to complimentary follow-up visits, we’re exactly the team you’re looking for.

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What To Expect From Our San Antonio Bed Bug Control Service

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Accurate Pest Control offers a three-step process to help you get rid of bed bugs fast. Whether you own a home, a hotel, an apartment, or a bed and breakfast, we can help you resolve pending situations with a suite of full-service treatments. Our team is experienced in a myriad of situations and understands the importance of discretion, helping rid your home of bed bug infestations with speed, professionalism, and strategy.

Please note that we must perform an inspection before beginning our bed bug control process to ensure we know what we’re dealing with and can make recommendations for future treatments.

Next, we provide a comprehensive prep list designed to help us do our jobs efficiently. If you have any questions about the details provided, don’t hesitate to chat with your assigned technician.

Now we move into the treatment phase. Armed with cutting-edge products and utilizing an Integrated Pest Management approach, our strategy includes quick-kill treatments, treatments for hiding spots, and a growth regulator protocol to stop the breeding process. Our exterminators pay attention to even the smallest details, including the space behind electric plugs.

Once the initial application phase is complete, our team will return ten days later to perform a follow-up treatment. We apply different treatment types to the affected area to ensure we address every inch with the necessary product. Plus, we include mattress encasements in our price for extra protection — something most other companies cannot or will not do.

Getting started with bed bug control from Accurate Pest Control is quick and simple. We offer same-day and emergency services whenever possible, so call us today for details.

Our Bed Bug Control Process


We will ID the bed bugs around your home. If you’re ready to proceed to the treatment phase, we will provide a customer prep sheet for your convenience.


We follow a three-step bed bug treatment process — quick kill (initial treatment), spot treatments (that take care of hiding places), and insect growth regulators (that slow or stop the breeding process).

Follow Up

We will return after ten days to treat your property with new products. We thoroughly treat and eliminate any remaining bed bugs in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Control

Look at the seams of your mattresses, mattress tags, and bed sheets for evidence of unwelcome bed bug invaders. If you find any sign of these nasty little critters, seek immediate professional assistance to rid your living space of them fast.

Other evidence of bed bug activity may include the following:

  • Blood stains on cushion covers and mattresses
  • Fecal spots or dead skin
  • A musty odor

Are you struggling to identify bed bugs on your own? Call Accurate Pest Control today to set up a bed bug inspection.

Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones With Fast Bed Bug Control In San Antonio

Accurate Pest Control knows how frustrating it can be to find a bed bug infestation taking over your space. Whether you’ve discovered bed bugs scuttling around your office building, feeding in your family home, or bedding down in your rental property, you cannot ignore the seriousness of an infestation. Our end-to-end services for complete bed bug eradication are the perfect tools for the job and provide everything you need to stop, reduce, and eliminate populations in a timely manner.

Whether you need home pest control or commercial pest control, Accurate Pest Control can help. Call today to get a quote for our services and schedule an inspection of your home or business.

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