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Professional Bee Removal Services In San Antonio

Bee Control Services In San Antonio

Bees might be scary and dangerous, especially if you’re allergic; but they are actually crucial to the environment and our survival. That’s why Accurate Pest Control does not treat foraging or swarming bees unless they are an imminent threat to humans. However, when bees invade and build a hive on your property, the chances of you and your family being stung increase. To execute complete control on these situations, Accurate Pest Control has designed humane bee & pest control plans in San Antonio.

Trained in safe removal and eviction, our team puts additional effort to future-proof your space from stinging insect infestations. When you find a large beehive on your front porch or in the corner of your garage, call us right away. We will remove the beehive in a safe manner, ensuring your home and family are completely safe.

What Is The Importance Of Bee Identification Before Extermination?

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Several kinds of bees can invade homes or commercial properties in search of food and water. From the docile to the ferocious Africanized killer bees, they will build nests either on the ground or on trees, walls, or roofs. While bee infestation is a common problem during spring and summer, identification of the bee type is highly essential to be able to deliver appropriate treatment. This is why our bee-removal team makes a thorough investigation before recommending the final plan.

The Specialized Bee-Removal Plan

Accurate Pest Control aims to protect homes and families from the nuisance of pests by delivering end-to-end programs. As the best company to perform safe bee removal in San Antonio, we have achieved this reputation through these actions:

  • Executing a detailed inspection of the infested area
  • Designing a personalized bee-removal program based on inspection findings
  • Performing integrated pest-management practices
  • Scheduling additional service visits as compared to other traditional pest management companies

If your home or commercial property is experiencing a bee infestation, it is time to contact us for home pest control and commercial pest control in San Antonio.

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