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Beetle Extermination In San Antonio

Beetles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They are characterized by well-developed antennae, a chewing mouth, and shell-like front wings, known as elytra that protect them from both harm and dehydration.

Some species of beetles invade houses in search of food, while others feed on plants in gardens. They are quite difficult to spot as they tend to hide around door and window frames. Since they’re so inconspicuous, they’re able to easily infest homes and destroy furniture.

There are many species of beetles throughout Texas. San Antonio beetles consist of many different types including Old House Borer Beetles, Bark Beetles, Powder Post Beetles, Citrus Long-Horned Beetles, Asian Beetles, among others.

How To Get Rid Of Beetle Infestation?

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If you have a beetle infestation in your home, call Accurate Pest Control right away. Don’t delay in calling for professional pest control in San Antonio. These expert exterminators will act immediately against a beetle infestation, protecting your home and giving you peace of mind. Reach out to us for professional home pest control and commercial pest control in San Antonio today!

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"I have always been impressed with Accurate Pest Control.  I did switch companies a couple of years ago and was back with Accurate very soon after.  The quality and customer service are excellent.  Someone actually answers the phone when you call and they are always wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend Accurate Pest Control."

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