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Blogs from July, 2020

scorpion up close on rock

In San Antonio, scorpions are as common as any other nuisance or pest. Everything in Texas would be a lot more pleasant if pest problems were not on this list. Knowing that scorpions are around your family, friends, and children is very displeasing. This is a widespread irritant because San Antonio Texas has a pleasant and warm climate all year round, which is why scorpions thrive.

The scorpions found in San Antonio, Texas, are not dangerous enough to be categorized as lethal. Still, you don’t want to be stung by one, as it can cause considerable pain, which can last for days or up to a week.

Accurate Pest Control Company will surely give you unique and original ideas to keep scorpions away from your house. Some of which are listed below.

Removing Dry Leaf Mounds

Remember always to keep your garden clean and tidy. Leaves are a common hiding place for scorpions as they provide shelter from the Texas Sun’s scorching heat.

Making Sure The Garbage Can Is Sealed Tightly

Scorpions are not attracted to our garbage, but other insects such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, lizards, etc. are frequent visitors to our garbage cans. These insects are usually prey for scorpions. Keeping your garbage disposal area clean will keep other insects away and, in turn, keep scorpions away.

Fix Any Cracks, Crevices, And Gaps

Repair or replace damaged doors, cracks in walls, or holes in window screens. Scorpions usually enter our homes through cracks or gaps in doors and walls. Repairing these damages will deter the scorpion from entering your home. Also, seal cracks in the foundation and repair leaking pipes.

Take Control Of Scorpions On Your San Antonio Property

All of these are useful points of advice and should be implemented immediately to keep these insects away. Scorpions are usually 3 inches long and can be recognized immediately by their long-tailed skeletal structure. The end of the tail serves as a powerful weapon that it uses to inject venom into its prey. This venom is so potent it can cause nerve damage in small creatures. In the case of humans, this causes excruciating pain and sometimes even complications. But what do you do if you see scorpions around your house? It would help if you tried to kill it immediately before it escapes and hides. Make sure you are wearing protective clothing and are using a sharp object to stab the scorpion. After doing so, you must call a certified pest control company in San Antonio, Texas, like Accurate Pest Control, to inspect your home and the surrounding in case of an infestation.

If you find a scorpion in the wild, we request you to leave it alone. If you have any further questions, call our customer service helpline number. Our trained wildlife animal control exterminators in San Antonio, Texas, will give you the best suggestions and quotations for all your pest control problems.