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Blogs from July, 2020

odorous house ants eating sugar

It is estimated that we share the earth with nearly one quadrillion ants. To make a comparison, this means that there are around 150000 ants for every human being. No wonder they invade our kitchens, steal our food, show up at any place of our home, and occasionally sting us. There seems to be nothing we can do to get rid of them. Homeowners and local exterminators in San Antonio, Texas have the first-hand experience and know that ants are tough competition. But have you ever given it a thought, why are ants so hard to eliminate?

San Antonio, Texas has a pleasant climate, perfect for ants to thrive and multiply. Local pest control exterminators have tried to provide several explanations and reasons why ants are so hard to get rid of. We have described a few of these explanations below.

Large Colonies

Ants in Texas live in huge colonies, which consist of hundreds of thousands of ants. It is this sheer number that makes it extremely difficult for us to eliminate all of them. They are very tiny and move quickly. If you can find their nest and destroy it, or attempt to try to kill every ant in it, there will be many survivors who will escape your wrath. They will, in turn, build a new colony someplace else.

Challenging Nest Locations

Ants usually build their nests deep inside the ground, in walls, under your cabinets, and hard to access places. This makes them even harder to eliminate, as these places are inaccessible. Getting to an ant colony sometimes means you have to excavate a large section of surface mud or tear through the wall or foundation of homes or buildings.

Strong Immunity Towards Pesticides

The chemicals found on the store shelf are just not potent enough to kill them. Repetitive use of these pesticides and chemicals make ants immune to them. Even if you manage to kill a few hundred, the rest will escape.

Quick Builders 

Ants are very sensitive to their surroundings. They love to be secluded; if their colonies are threatened or destroyed, they will quickly move to safer places and rebuild their colonies again.

Ants are very stubborn and are one of the most resilient insects on earth. They are here to stay, no matter how much you try to force them out or try destroying their colonies.

Hiring a local exterminator or pest control company in San Antonio, Texas, for a regular and scheduled pest control plan is the best solution to control an ant colony or infestation. 

Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio provides a wide range of scheduled planned pest control services for any infestation. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and the surrounding property, after which they will provide you with the best suggestions for your pest problems.

If you need to discuss your home pest control concerns more, please call our customer service helpline number or visit our website, Accurate Pest Control, for further details.