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Blogs from September, 2021

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Pigeons are astonishingly intricate and rational creatures; they are one of only a few species to pass the mirror test, i.e., a test of self-recognition. Pigeons are birds that have lived closer to humans for thousands of years. More than 250 different species of pigeons can be found throughout the world except in the Sahara desert, Antarctica, and the Arctic. The most incredible variants of pigeons exist in India, Malaysia, Asia, and Australia. Even though pigeons are tiny birds, and some homeowners would wish to keep them in their houses, these birds carry many diseases that are harmful to humans than rats, according to our licensed exterminator in San Antonio.

Here Are A Few Amazing Facts About Pigeons: 

Fact 1- The Term ‘Pigeon’

The word ‘pigeon’ comes from ‘pipio,’ which indicates ‘young bird.’ The expression then passed into Old French as ‘pijon,’ and later on, the English name ‘pigeon’ was originated.  

Fact 2-The Habitat

  • The wild pigeons are primarily found in coastal areas. 
  • The European populace of pigeons is estimated at between 17 and 28 million birds.
  • The feral pigeon is located almost exclusively in areas of human habitation globally except in the Sahara Desert, Antarctica, and the high Arctic. 

Fact 3- Pigeons Are Renowned For Their Outstanding Navigational Abilities

Researchers in the past found that the pigeons use landmarks as signposts to travel along constructed roads and motorways, sometimes even changing direction at junctions. A pigeon uses its skills and uses the sun as a guide. Did you know that during the First and Second World Wars, pigeons were commonly used as mail carriers for outstanding navigational skills? Period movies and documentaries could attest to this fact. 

Fact 4– Pigeon Droppings Are A Problem In Modern Society

Pigeon droppings were seen as extremely valuable a few ages ago and were considered the best available fertilizer. However, in contemporary society, their feces are problematical as they draw in mites that can cause humans to itch and scratch. A bonded exterminator in San Antonio, like Accurate Pest Control, can assist you with troublesome pigeon issues. 

Fact 5- Pigeon Brood

Pigeons are monogamous beings, and a pigeon couple can mate for a lifetime. A couple of pigeons can produce up to eight broods per year, especially when there is plenty of food.

Fact 6- Pigeons Produce Artificial Milk

Only mammals can produce genuine milk. Nevertheless, pigeons, turtledoves, and other birds feed newborns with a whitish fluid loaded with fats, nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy proteins called crop milk. Interestingly, both male and female pigeons produce the milk crop. Newly hatched pigeons sip on crop milk for about four weeks. 

Fact 7- Fluffy Pigeon Feet Might Be Partial Wings.

A specific variant of pigeon breeds has fuzzy legs called ‘muffs’ rather than the regular scaly ones. According to a study in 2016, the DNA of fluffy-footed pigeons allows their hind legs to take some quality of their forelimbs, making their muffed pigeon legs distinctly resemble a wing.

Fact 8- Health Risks 

Pigeon droppings can pose many health risks. It consists of bacteria, fungal agents, and ectoparasites. While most individuals can avoid it, it can be a severe dilemma if homeowners have pets or young children. To prevent these issues, contact a home pest expert in San Antonio soon. 

Fact 9- Binocular Vision

Unlike humans and owls that have forward-facing eyes, a pigeon has a side-mounted set of eyes. It is because pigeons have monocular vision rather than binocular vision; consequently, they have to bob their heads for depth of perception. 

Fact 10- High Clean-Up Costs

Bird droppings and nesting elements can be messy and dangerous, making any building look hideous very quickly. Not only are bird droppings unpleasant to look at, but if it is not removed quickly, it can also cause erosion and permanent property damage. Therefore, you must do regular cleaning and take help from commercial bird control in San Antonio to look into the matter to provide you with an appropriate solution. 

If you have a pigeon infestation, contact Accurate Pest Control’s insured exterminators in San Antonio to solve the problem quickly and safely.