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Blogs from August, 2021

dog tick crawling on skin

Fleas and ticks in San Antonio are similar to each other:

  • They feed on your pet’s blood.
  • They insert their sharp mouthparts to cut into the skin to suck the blood out and leave red, irritated skin.
  • They can spread diseases to pets/humans.

We at Accurate Pest Control Have Outlined Many Differences Between Fleas And Ticks.

  1. A flea is a wingless bug with six legs that can jump. On the other hand, ticks are arachnids having six to eight legs.
  2. Warm environments are ideal for fleas. Ticks thrive in warmer climates too but are better adapted to survive cold weather. Sometimes ticks can hide under snow.
  3. Fleas mainly infest your house and multiply in huge numbers and get on your clothes/furniture. Ticks typically wait around and attach to their host as they hike.
  4. Fleas can cause skin concerns like flea allergy dermatitis and carry tapeworms. Infected ticks can spread dangerous diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  5. Adult fleas find a host, usually a dog or cat, and stay there for a period of 2 to 3 months until they die. Ticks feed on multiple hosts such as rodents, rabbits, deer, and pets for up to two weeks at a time throughout the diverse stages of their development and can stay there for up to three years in various habitats.
  6. In case you have a flea infestation, you’ll need to use a product that works effectively to clean and treat the exposed areas of your house. Ensure to bathe your dog or treat your pet with a product that prevents the reoccurrence of ticks/fleas. With ticks, you will have to remove them quickly and bathe your pet if they are infested deeply. To avoid ticks in the future, be sure to apply an Ecto-parasiticidal powder.

Prevention Of Fleas And Ticks

We recommend that you always inspect your pets when they come inside the house after playing in the woods or tall grasses. If you spot a tick on them, ensure to eradicate the parasite immediately. Clean the infested spot where the tick was stuck on the skin, and observe your pet for any changes in behavior/actions. On the other hand, if you find fleas, clean and bathe your pet immediately. Consult your vet for any concerns.

We are the licensed tick exterminator in San Antonio and use various safety measures to safeguard your place by keeping rodents at bay which could make way for ticks/fleas.

For professional tick exterminator services in San Antonio, contact Accurate Pest Control today.