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Carpenter Ant Control & Removal In San Antonio, TX

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Carpenter ants are helpful to our natural environment. They consume other insects, aerate soil, and accelerate the decomposition of wood. These activities are all essential for maintaining a healthy ecological balance. Carpenter ants burrow into live trees, decaying stumps, and logs to build their nests.

Although carpenter ants are beneficial to the environment, most people would not choose to live with them in their homes. Carpenter ants are larger ants (1/4 -1/2 inch in size) if you see what appears to be sawdust in window sills or around door jams that is known as frass. Frass is wood material that has been manipulated by carpenter ants for nesting material. The material is the result of damaging structural wood supporting your home. If these carpenter ants are ignored they can cause substantial damage to a structure. If you see larger ants crawling around your home – in your kitchen cupboards, on the walls, near window sills, door jams or in your basement, to name a few places – call our ant control exterminators. We have the proper equipment and expertise needed to rid your property of carpenter ants.

Are Carpenter Ants In Your Home?

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Our professional exterminators specialize in getting rid of ants by treating the gaps inside your walls, subfloors, and other locations where colonies typically hide. Our home pest control and commercial pest control squad will investigate thoroughly to find the perfect extermination solution for your home. We employ various baiting techniques with professional strength, non-repellent products.

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