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Centipedes Control And Removal

No one wants to share their house with creepy creatures like centipedes or millipedes. It is scary to watch them slithering across the floor! Centipedes are venomous and possibly hazardous for humans, especially children and older people. Centipede bites can cause skin irritation, bruising, swelling, and gangrene. They cannot be chased as they run quickly and climb walls, as well as ceilings.

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As you can see, centipedes can be quite troublesome, and if you spot centipedes or millipedes crawling around your home, contact the San Antonio pest control professionals at Accurate Pest Control to take care of your problem. We’ll ensure you feel comfortable in your home once we’re through.

If you find one centipede or millipede in your house, that, unfortunately, might not be the only one. Keep an eye out for more, and if you continue to find them scurrying out of tight spaces, call Accurate Pest Control immediately for home pest control and commercial pest control in San Antonio.

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"This was my first experience with accurate pest control. The rep arrived on time and quickly did a good job inside and out."

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