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When the charm of local wildlife wears thin due to the havoc raccoons can wreak, it's time to turn to Accurate Pest Control for raccoon removal in San Antonio. These masked marauders may look harmless, but they can quickly escalate from innocent backyard visitors to uninvited guests causing mayhem in your home and garden. From overturned garbage cans to compromised roofs and attics, the damage they cause is far from negligible.

At Accurate Pest Control, we're seasoned in turning your raccoon woes into relief. Our expertly trained technicians are well-versed in the behavior of these nocturnal nuisances, equipping us with the insight to implement effective San Antonio raccoon removal strategies. With our humane and environmentally conscious techniques, we ensure the safety of both the animals and your family.

We stand as your ally, ready to restore order with our reliable raccoon control services. Our commitment to excellence means we don't just address the symptoms of an infestation; we delve into the root causes, providing a long-term solution to your raccoon problems. Choose Accurate Pest Control, where the safety and integrity of your home are our top priorities.

Comprehensive Raccoon Control For A Peaceful Home

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Accurate Pest Control has developed a raccoon control process that is as meticulous as it is effective, ensuring the safety and well-being of San Antonio residents and their homes. Our approach begins with a detailed inspection of your property. We leave no stone unturned as we search for signs of raccoon activity, from the obvious to the obscure. Our team looks for entry points that could range from loose roof shingles to unsecured vents, ensuring that even the most cunning raccoon can't evade our strategies.

Our technicians are armed with the best tools, like Havahart live animal traps and discreet one-way doors, to get rid of raccoons with minimal stress to the animals and zero disturbance to your household. These methods are not only effective but also reflect our commitment to humane practices. We conduct daily trap checks, and our relocation protocol involves transferring these resourceful creatures to rural settings where they can thrive, far from your residence.

What sets our raccoon removal service apart is our comprehensive two-year warranty. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in our work and our ongoing commitment to your raccoon-free living. If you detect the familiar sounds of raccoons, a single call dispatches our team back to your home for a thorough re-assessment and any necessary fortifications.

We take pride in our environmentally conscious approach to raccoon pest control, which is designed to be safe for all — your family, pets, and San Antonio's diverse wildlife. Choosing Accurate Pest Control means opting for a service that not only eradicates the current problem but also protects against future invasions, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home without unwelcome wildlife interruptions.

Our Three-Step Raccoon Removal Process


Every successful raccoon control strategy begins with a thorough inspection. Our experts meticulously assess your property to identify all raccoon activity, entry points, and damage. This detailed evaluation sets the stage for an effective removal plan tailored to your specific situation. We understand that each property is unique, so we approach every case with a fresh perspective, ensuring that our raccoon removal solutions are as individual as your home.


The next step is humane treatment. We use safe, ethical methods for removing raccoons from your property. Our team ensures that the raccoons are not harmed during the process, using industry-leading techniques to encourage them to vacate the premises. We consider the well-being of both the raccoons and your family, selecting the most humane and least intrusive methods of removal, all while keeping the process transparent and respectful of your living space.


A crucial step of any raccoon pest control plan involves preventing future invasions. We don't just remove the animals; we secure your property against them. Our exclusion methods are designed to keep raccoons out for good, giving you long-term peace of mind. We'll fortify your home against these clever creatures, using proven techniques that are effective without being invasive to ensure your home stays yours — and only yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our raccoon control services are unique because we can provide you with same-day estimates and services. You'll benefit from our well-trained technicians and a robust two-year warranty. If you encounter any issues during the warranty period, we ensure you receive priority service over new clients.

Choose Accurate Pest Control For Reliable Raccoon Removal

When you choose Accurate Pest Control, you're opting for a seamless, worry-free solution to raccoon intrusions. Our skilled team stands ready to deliver the most reliable raccoon removal services in the San Antonio area. Let us help you reclaim the comfort and security of your home with our effective raccoon pest control strategies. Don't let raccoon troubles disturb your peace any longer.

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted raccoon guests? Contact Accurate Pest Control today for a free estimate and take the first step towards a raccoon-free home!

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"I have always been impressed with Accurate Pest Control.  I did switch companies a couple of years ago and was back with Accurate very soon after.  The quality and customer service are excellent.  Someone actually answers the phone when you call and they are always wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend Accurate Pest Control."

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