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Scorpions Should Never Feel At Home In Your Yard

Scorpions are pests you should never underestimate, especially if you have young children or pets. It’s critical to protect your property from dangerous scorpion stings and prevent medical complications before they occur.

Accurate Pest Control would be more than happy to help.

As pioneers of pest control in San Antonio, TX for the past 30 years, our professionals can exterminate your unwanted scorpions with fast-acting treatments and a unique IPM approach. Unlike other companies in the San Antonio area, we prioritize science and cutting-edge techniques to remove scorpion populations without a shred of guesswork. Whether you want to take preventative measures or have already found scorpions in your home, Accurate Pest Control can get started on a solution for you. We make it a priority to protect your home and set your mind at ease. Contact our professionals today to learn more.

Scorpion Control Services From Accurate Pest Control

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Accurate Pest Control offers a scorpion control service for one of two reasons; you have active scorpions inside your home, or you want preventative measures in place to deter future infestations.

First, we work to identify the scorpion that may be present around your property. If you request a preventative service, we may look for conducive conditions that may affect your safety.

Next, we move into the treatment phase. Chemical products may be necessary for certain situations, but rest assured, our exterminators only apply these products to areas where scorpions often hide. We prefer to use hand-picked products vetted by our seasoned experts to ensure your peace of mind.

To prevent future scorpions from overtaking your home, we will leave you with plenty of education and advice. An exterminator from Accurate Pest Control will draw your attention to anything in the house that may attract scorpions, such as water sources and debris. They can even suggest a maintenance program to minimize their population in your general area. Call now for details.

Our Scorpion Control Process


We inspect your home or business for the signs and symptoms of scorpion activity. If we find scorpions, we can jump into a treatment protocol. If no activity is detected, we can proceed with preventative measures.


Accurate Pest Control prefers to use Integrated Pest Management methodologies to control scorpion activity. However, if necessary, we can also apply chemical products to eliminate burgeoning activity. We uniquely tailor our approach to your property and its needs.


Using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we can prevent scorpions from returning to your yard. We identify and explain any vulnerabilities or conducive conditions. We may also suggest additional pest control services in the case of a secondary pest infestation (which may act as the scorpion’s food supply).

Frequently Asked Questions About Scorpion Control

There are approximately 2,000 different species of scorpions located worldwide — all of them are venomous. However, only about 25 to 40 species carry venom strong enough to cause damage to humans. There is only one highly venomous species in the United States; the Arizona bark scorpion, sometimes simply called the Arizona scorpion. These scorpions are rarely a deadly threat to healthy adults but can be extremely dangerous to compromised adults, young children, or older individuals. The neurotoxins released by Arizona bark scorpions can cause convulsions and shortness of breath, meaning medical attention is always necessary after a suspected sting.

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The presence of scorpions can be a scary prospect for any San Antonio property owner. Thankfully, the experts behind Accurate Pest Control have everything you need to get rid of scorpions fast. We offer residential pest control and commercial pest control treatment processes to locals all over the city and have years of experience pioneering the pest control industry. It’s not about what makes us better than the rest; it’s about revolutionizing modern pest control in San Antonio and beyond.

Don’t live with the risk of scorpions potentially infiltrating your backyard. Instead, call the scorpion exterminators at Accurate Pest Control to get fast-acting services today.

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"I have always been impressed with Accurate Pest Control.  I did switch companies a couple of years ago and was back with Accurate very soon after.  The quality and customer service are excellent.  Someone actually answers the phone when you call and they are always wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend Accurate Pest Control."

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