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Castle Hills, a suburban city inside the San Antonio metro area, is a unique place to raise a family within a tight-knit and friendly community. Children love playing at the 51-acre Orsinger Park's playground, and the North East Independent School District is known for its excellence.

Adults also have much to enjoy here, from shopping at The Shops at Lincoln Heights and the Castle Hills Marketplace, hiking the stunning trails, and more. But what they might not appreciate as much is the abundance of unwanted pests, from ants to wildlife. If infestations are plaguing your home or business, Accurate Pest Control provides pest control in Castle Hills to eliminate them swiftly. 

Residential Pest Control In Castle Hills

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There are many reasons why residential pest control is essential for Castle Hills homes. First, many pests, especially scavengers like rodents and cockroaches, can carry and transmit diseases. They can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks, especially in children and the elderly. 

Many also cause significant damage indoors, from gnawing on wires and wood to taking over food supplies. And even without all that, you probably don't want nuisance pests around your family, causing unpleasant smells and noises or painful and itchy bites and stings. 

When prevention strategies like keeping your home clean are not enough, Accurate Pest Control can help eliminate infestations and prevent them from returning. We will help you seal entry points, treat your home safely, and ensure unwanted invaders do not return. Call us today to schedule an inspection and be on your way to a pest-free home.

Commercial Pest Control In Castle Hills

If you own a business in Castle Hills, you know how crucial it is to keep pests away. From tiny ants and flies that carry dangerous diseases to large rats and cockroaches that can scare customers away, many invaders can destroy your business in no time.

Our commercial pest control strategies can help protect your property, inventory, and equipment and ensure you meet industry regulations, especially if you work in food service, healthcare, and hospitality.

When you work with the specialists at Accurate Pest Control, you can relax knowing that keeping your business thriving and its reputation intact is at the top of our priorities. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your property and find out how we can keep it safe from invaders throughout the seasons. 

Easy Ways To Prevent Camel Crickets In Your Castle Hills Home

Camel crickets, or spider crickets, are very common in Castle Hills. Here are some easy ways to prevent them from taking over:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in your home: Like many other tiny pests, camel crickets usually come through cracks and crevices in your foundation, walls, and windows. Sealing them can help keep them out.
  • Reduce moisture: Lowering humidity levels can deter camel crickets and other invaders that prefer damp places. Fixing leaky pipes, using a dehumidifier, and prioritizing proper ventilation are all helpful strategies.
  • Remove clutter: Camel crickets prefer cluttered areas where they can hide. We always recommend tidying your home, especially in basements, attics, and storage areas.
  • Schedule regular inspections: Prevention is always better than letting an infestation take over and then treating it. We train our service members to detect factors that could lead to a pest problem and get rid of them before issues start.

If camel crickets are still coming inside your home, or if your infestation is severe, we can help. Call us today to assess the situation and eliminate these unwanted invaders for good with safe and effective camel cricket control.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats In Castle Hills

The most effective way to get rid of rats in Castle Hills is to stay vigilant and strict with prevention practices while also relying on the help of professional rodent control specialists when needed.

A rat problem can lead to significant damage. These scavengers will often chew on wires to trim their ever-growing teeth, which can cause electrical damage or even start a fire. They also cause significant structural damage as they gnaw on walls, floors, and furniture or damage insulation by using it as a nesting material. And finally, they are known to carry a variety of diseases and parasites, which they pass on to humans. 

If rats, mice, and other rodents have taken over your home, we have effective strategies and treatments to exterminate them for good. Call us today to learn about our rat control techniques that will keep your loved ones safe year-round.

Don't waste time on homemade treatments that are rarely effective enough to exterminate entire colonies. At Accurate Pest Control, our services are competitively priced and have earned us rave reviews from homeowners in Castle Hills. Reach us by phone, stop by our office, or message us to get your free estimate and get started.

Common Types Of Wildlife Found In Castle Hills

As a city in the northern region of the San Antonio metropolitan area, Castle Hills is surrounded by urban sprawl and human activity. This isn’t the kind of area we tend to think of as having lots of wildlife, but this category of pest has specifically adapted to our urban areas to thrive off all the byproducts of human civilization. 

Wildlife can be common, destructive, and even dangerous to you and your loved ones. To keep them out of your yard, you need to take specific action to prevent and control their populations. That’s where Accurate Pest Control comes in to make wildlife control in Castle Hills easy and affordable. 

Here are some of the kinds of wildlife we help Castle Hills residents deal with: 

  • Squirrels: They may look cute and harmless, but squirrels can lead to property damage and even spread harmful parasites like ticks and fleas. 

  • Raccoons: Raccoons are the ultimate scavengers, rooting around in residential trash cans and commercial dumpsters for food scraps. They can be drawn to any property, whether they’re just passing through looking for sustenance or forming nests directly in your yard. 

  • Skunks: Even skunks can be common in metro areas, as they also take advantage of the food and shelter our properties provide. They can also lead to smelly consequences, as their odorous spray is a defense mechanism that they use to scare off household pets and humans who wander too close. 

These aren’t the only types of wildlife we can help with, and our control services for all kinds of pests meet whatever needs you may have in Castle Hills. So, contact Accurate Pest Control to get started on protecting your property from wildlife and other destructive pests today.

How To Avoid Getting Stung By Scorpions In Castle Hills

Texas property owners know “stinging insects” refers to more than just bees and wasps. Scorpions are also common in our warm, dry climate, and they will also invade our yards. To avoid their stings, you really need to take preventive action throughout the year and make sure your yard isn’t providing scorpions with nesting grounds. With help from the experts at Accurate Pest Control, you can always stay a step ahead of a dangerous infestation. 

Our trained technicians will inspect your yard for signs of scorpions or factors that might attract them, as well as apply treatments that ward them off. Our yard treatments are also effective at driving away other pests that scorpions hunt.

If you already have scorpions around your Castle Hills home, don’t panic; get scorpion removal from Accurate Pest Control. If you want to make sure no populations invade in the future, contact us today to get started on complete pest prevention.

Warning Signs That Your Castle Hills Home Has Termites

Few pests scare homeowners quite like termites do. As wood-destroying insects that are drawn to any wooden structures, termites are indeed frightening. Perhaps the most scary thing about them is that a population can grow on your property without you even realizing it. 

Unlike other pests that crawl around in the daylight and leave obvious signs of their activity, termites are subterranean and far more subtle. If you don’t know what to look for, you can easily overlook a termite infestation until it manifests serious and costly damage to your home. 

Accurate Pest Control is here to help Castle Hills residents learn how to spot the early warning signs of termite activity so they can turn to the pros for termite removal right away: 

  • Tubes or mounds: Termites tend to start outdoors and then move inside. Depending on the species of termite, they may form noticeable mounds in your yard or small openings to underground tunnels known as mud tubes. 

  • Frass: Because they eat wood, termite droppings, or “frass,” look like fine, sawdust-like powder that can be found around household wooden items or walls. 

  • Damage: As scary as it is to think about, the first and only sign homeowners tend to get that they have termites is the evidence of wood damage. If you notice bent or bulging wood around your property, turn to the experts right away. 

Getting regular termite inspections from a trained expert can help you spot these early warning signs and act on them before termite damage becomes severe. At Accurate Pest Control, we provide both inspections and termite treatments in Castle Hills

Contact us today to get started on total termite protection for your home.

What To Do If Mosquitoes Are Buzzing Around Your Castle Hills Home

Mosquitoes can be a year-round concern in warm areas like San Antonio, and they are drawn to local yards because of the people that are around for them to feed on. Not only can mosquito bites lead to itchy welts on your skin, but they can even spread nasty diseases like West Nile virus and tularemia. 

If you spot these pesky parasites around your home, you need to turn to professionals who can provide mosquito treatments that reduce their numbers and drive them away from your yard. At Accurate Pest Control, we specialize in yard pest control that’s proactive, helping you avoid mosquitoes during the times when their breeding cycles make them prevalent in local yards. 

Don’t let biting mosquitoes threaten your Castle Hills home. Contact Accurate Pest Control today.

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