Pest Control In Kirby, TX

Trusted Pest Control In Kirby, TX

Kirby is a quaint, primarily residential city that has become an ideal community for working professionals and families. There are safe streets, a selection of local restaurants, access to clean parks, and lots of public services. Kirby also offers the benefit of being located within miles of San Antonio. But living in even a small city like Kirby puts homeowners and businesses in direct contact with pest problems throughout the year. 

At Accurate Pest Control, always put our customers’ needs first and deliver trusted pest control in Kirby. Our family-owned company has more than three decades of experience and has become a pioneer in the industry. Each of our technicians has been thoroughly trained because education is very important to us. We use the latest technology and proven methods during our services and we warranty all of our work. When you partner with us, you’ll also benefit from emergency services as well as stellar customer service. To receive your free estimate, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Kirby

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At Accurate Pest Control, we have been dedicated to helping Kirby homeowners keep pests away since 1990. As a locally owned business, we are fully committed to doing right by our customers. To us, this means being pioneers in the industry, offering competitive pricing, and always doing what is in the best interest of our customers. 

Whether you’re dealing with active pest problems or are looking to prevent new ones, we can help. We’ll start by providing you with a free estimate of our work so that there are no surprises. We also incorporate a detailed home inspection where we check for signs of activity that you’ve noticed and any other potential issues. We’ll then present you with our recommendation for treatment.

We offer the option of ongoing services either bi-monthly or quarterly so that we are always on top of pest problems. If you enroll in our Accurate Plus Plan, you’ll also benefit from protection against silverfish, pantry pests, scorpions, and more. For more information on our residential pest control solutions and to receive your free quote, please call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Kirby

Keeping pests out of your Kirby business can be a tall task, which is why Accurate Pest Control is here to help. We are the area’s trusted pest experts with more than 30 years of local pest experience. Everything that we do is in service to building safer working environments for our community members. We are the industry’s leader in pest control, which we show by constantly innovating and staying well educated. 

When you call us, we’ll begin by inspecting your property so that we can make proper pest identifications, understand the scope of your outbreak, and determine how pests have accessed your property at all. This information informs the treatment plan that we’ll build, which can address a broad scope of pests, from scorpions and spiders to rodents and wildlife. Given our background, we are prepared to work with industries such as warehouses, assisted living, schools, restaurants, and more. For more information on our commercial pest control offerings, please call us today.

How To Prevent Future Mouse Infestations In Your Kirby Home

Mice are one of the trickier pests to keep out of your Kirby home because they are nimble and determined. Here are a few steps, however, that you can take to try to deter them:

  • Eliminate all potential food sources. Because mice will eat nearly anything they find, be sure to keep pet food, leftovers, and snacks in sealed containers.
  • Keep things clean. You can also sweep and vacuum floors regularly to eliminate crumb accumulation. Disinfecting surfaces to remove food residue is also helpful, as is taking out the trash often. 
  • Fix moisture problems. Mice are lured not only to drops of water but also to dank conditions. To deter them, keep basements and crawl spaces well ventilated and fix leaky faucets and pipes. 
  • Seek professional services. The most reliable and safest way to deal with mice, either current or future, is with assistance from a pest control specialist. 

For more information on mouse control, call Accurate Pest Control today.

Contact The Pros For Effective Skunk Removal And Control In Kirby

Skunks are one of the more typical wildlife animals that Kirby residents might encounter. Skunks should be avoided not only because they might be carrying parasites, but also because they will spray if they feel threatened. 

At Accurate Pest Control, we use the most ethical and reliable services in order to address Kirby’s skunk issues. We’ll perform a complete property inspection to identify where skunks are living and what’s attracting them. While every customer gets their own custom treatment plan, we often opt for live traps so that we can relocate skunks to other harborage sites. If skunks have gotten inside a home, we’ll use one-way doors to encourage them to leave. We also offer exclusion services in order to keep skunks from getting inside again. For more information on skunk control, please call us today.

Why Wasps In Kirby Should Be Left To The Professionals

Kirby is home to various wasp species, including the mud dauber, the cicada killer, and the potter wasps. All three can be aggressive and inflict painful stings. Removing nests alone can be hazardous; remember that, unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times.

Working with professionals is the safest way to go for many reasons. At Accurate Pest Control, we can provide effective removal techniques for the complete elimination of wasp nests. We will tailor our approach to different species to eliminate the colony and keep a new one from taking over.

Simply removing your wasp nest may not be enough to prevent future intrusions. You must also identify and address the root causes that attract these stinging insects to your property and implement measures to reduce the likelihood of reinfestations. We always focus on long-term control to keep you safe year-round.

Leave wasp and wasp nest removal to the professionals. Call us today to learn more about our wasp nest removal strategies.

How To Minimize Ants Around Your Kirby Lawn In The Summer

Many species, from fire ants to pavement ants, can take over your lawn over the summer. Fire ants are aggressive and known for their painful stings and for building large mounds in the soil. Carpenter ants are the notoriously destructive pests that favor nesting in decaying wood. Pavement ants typically nest in the yard while looking for food sources inside your home.

Minimizing ant populations on your lawn is possible with the proper approach. First, remember that ants rely on food crumbs and open trash cans for sustenance. Always keep your outdoor space clean, especially after events that involve food and drinks. Regularly sweep your patio and deck.

Also, you must seal entry points to keep these pests out. It is common for ants to start a colony outdoors and then move indoors. It is especially problematic if you are dealing with carpenter ants. Check for openings around your foundation and entryways and seal them appropriately.

We also recommend keeping your compost piles away from your house. Maintain them properly to avoid having them become a food source for ants. Planting natural repellents like peppermint and basil can also help make your yard unappealing to ants by disrupting ant trails and discouraging them from crossing over.

And when you need additional help, Accurate Pest Control provides ant pest control services you can rely on no matter the size of the intrusion. Call us today to learn about our targeted solutions to eliminate ants effectively and prevention methods to keep them at bay for good.

Five Tips To Prevent Cockroaches In Kirby

Cockroaches are some of the most unsanitary invaders in Texas. Keeping them from infesting your home and business is paramount to keep everyone safe. Here are five practical tips to prevent cockroach infestations:

  1. Remove food sources. Food residues are magnets for cockroaches. Always keep your kitchen clean and store your food in airtight containers. Avoid leaving pet food out overnight.

  2. Close off access points. Seal up cracks around windows, gaps under doors, and more to prevent cockroaches from entering. Areas where utility lines enter your home are common culprits with pest intrusions.

  3. Eliminate leaks and stagnant water. Cockroaches thrive in humid homes. Fixing water leaks and ensuring proper drainage can make a world of difference. Use a dehumidifier if needed for high-moisture rooms.

  4. Disinfect your home. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting is always best; cockroaches can readily smell odors from food and garbage. A clean space means a lower likelihood of infestations.

  5. Schedule preventive inspections. Arrange for professional pest control inspections regularly to identify potential problem areas, apply preventative treatments, and tackle issues in the early stages.

If cockroaches are invading your property, call the Accurate Pest Control cockroach exterminators today to keep your home and business safe year-round.

Identifying Termite Activity Around Your Kirby Home

Early detection of termite activity is critical to employ swift treatments to prevent costly damage and repairs. Here are some clear indicators of a potential infestation:

  • Visible mud tubes on exterior walls: One key sign of termite activity is the presence of mud tubes on the exterior walls of your home. You will typically find these pencil-sized tunnels near the foundation. They are due to subterranean termites, who need them for shelter and moisture.

  • Wood dust along baseboards and windows: Subterranean and drywood termites digest wood from the inside out. If you notice wood dust (known as frass) in your home, it could result from termites pushing it out of entry points.

  • Flying swarmers on your property: Swarmers are reproductive termites that fly in search of new locations to establish colonies. Spotting them, especially in the spring, may indicate an active infestation nearby.

  • Holes in wood or discarded wings: Tiny holes in wood could be due to drywood termites creating entry points. You might also find discarded wings after swarmers find a suitable location to establish a new colony.

Accurate Pest Control provides professional inspections and effective treatments to tackle the most extensive infestations. Contact us to get started with termite control near you.

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