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Pest Control In Universal City, TX

A northeastern suburb of San Antonio, Texas, Universal City is a good example of a tightly packed community with all the conditions pests love. Highly populated areas attract pests because human activity produces all the food, water, and shelter pests need to survive. 

It's crucial to take Universal City pest control seriously and not wait for an infestation to impact your property before you take steps to protect it. With help from Accurate Pest Control, keeping pests out all year long is easy. 

Learn how we can help you eliminate pests or keep them from getting into your yard or interior in the first place.

Residential Pest Control In Universal City

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Most people only consider their risk of pests once an infestation is already causing issues in their homes. But it's important to get started on proper pest protection early rather than waiting because infestations can wind up causing property damage and even impacting your health. 

With residential pest control from professionals, you can keep pests out before they can cause bigger problems. At Accurate Pest Control, we offer the following services to Universal City homeowners: 

  • Accurate Plus Treatment: Our main treatment package covers most types of invasive pests, from cockroaches and spiders to fire ants and silverfish. This plan also covers both interior and exterior pest populations, so you're covered whether they've invaded your yard or home. 
  • Attic Treatment: Storage areas like attics tend to be attractive nesting grounds for pests; we can add an attic treatment at an affordable price. 
  • Ongoing Services: We recommend recurring inspections and treatments that ensure your home stays pest-free all year. We offer monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly services. 

Whether you need the removal of existing pests or early exclusion services that better prevent infestations from forming, we're here to help. So, keep pests out of your Universal City home by turning to Accurate Pest Control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Universal City

Business owners need to take the risk of pest infestations seriously. The disruption caused by their property damage can be costly, and the health impacts they can have on employees and customers make pest problems a real nightmare. Pests are also more attracted to properties with more human activity, which creates all the by-products they need to survive. 

That's why you should seek commercial pest control that protects your Universal City business before pest problems mount. Here's why so many business owners in Texas rely on Accurate Pest Control for their needs: 

  • Competitive Pricing: While many pest control companies are in the area, none offer the competitive prices we're known for. Many customers end up calling us right back after they shop around with our competition.  
  • Customer Service: We pride ourselves on putting customer needs first and foremost. Our friendly technicians will always do their best to address your every need. 
  • Tailored Treatments: We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, from the dimensions of the property to the types of activity that occur there. That's why we cater our services to your actual needs. 

To avoid pests from undoing the hard work you put into your Universal City business, contact Accurate Pest Control for true pest protection.

The Secret To Deterring Rodents In Universal City

Most people react to pest problems instead of working to avoid them in the first place. But this opens you up to the property damage and adverse health effects that pests cause. With pests like rodents, keeping them out from the start is much better than trying to root them out and eliminate them once they've hunkered down on your property. 

At Accurate Pest Control, we can act early to keep rodents out, not just eliminate them once they've moved in. We offer both interior and exterior treatments and exclusion services that comprehensively protect your home. 

This well-rounded approach ensures the best chances at preventing the larger impacts rodents can have on your property. We also offer recurring treatments that make sure rodents are never a problem again. 

Get started on total rodent control in Universal City by contacting us today. 

How Universal City Homeowners Can Protect Their Houses From Termites

The termite is one pest that best demonstrates why pest prevention is better than pest elimination. By the time you notice the signs of termite damage, the problem has likely been growing inside your walls for a long time. 

Rather than waiting for the property damage to reach this level before you act, you should start immediately on inspections and treatments that shield your home from termites and clue you into potential infestations as early as possible. 

That's where Accurate Pest Control comes in. We help Universal City property owners avoid subterranean termites that can tunnel under and into your home or business without you realizing it. If we identify an invasion, our safe and effective treatments will eliminate the colony better than DIY or unproven competitor methods. 

Get termite control in Universal City that shields your property by turning to Accurate Pest Control. 

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