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Wildlife Control In San Antonio, TX

Keep Your Home Safe From Wildlife With Accurate Pest Control

Pest control in San Antonio can be a huge problem because wild animals are destructive and dangerous to your health. Raccoons, skunks, and other wild animals will tear the lids off garbage to get at its contents, rip holes in walls to gain access to shelter, and wreak all kinds of other destruction on your home. Not to mention they spread rabies, disease-carrying ticks and fleas, and all kinds of other illnesses.

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot you can do to get rid of wildlife once it has found its way onto your property. There are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening, such as keeping your outdoor garbage covered and ensuring your home has no holes or other openings where intrusive wildlife can enter. But, once you wind up with wildlife in your home, professional wildlife removal will likely be your best option. That’s where we come in!

Wildlife Control On Your San Antonio Property

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Here at Accurate Pest Control, we’ve been trapping problem wildlife in San Antonio for over three decades. We can handle just about every varmint and critter west of the Mississippi, and that includes the common animals you’ll run into on your property, such as:

  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Ringtail cats
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels

We use a range of methods for keeping animals out of your home and off your property. To keep them out of your house, we will install one-way doors that allow any animals in your crawl space, garage, attic, etc., to get out but not return. We fabricate all our exclusion materials in-house, so you know you’re getting the best.

We also do live animal trapping and relocation. For feral cats, specifically, we will trap them, take them to a vet to neuter them, and then release them on a safe ranch after recovery. This method allows for cruelty-free population reduction. We can relocate other animals, as well, to ensure the well-being of both our clients and our local wildlife.

If you have problems with snakes or burrowing animals, we have packages available to repel and exclude these too. Whatever your wildlife infestation, we will work with your schedule and budget to ensure we get rid of your problem wildlife in the best and most convenient way.

Our Wildlife Control Process

Our wildlife control process consists of three steps:


First, we’ll speak to you about the problems you’re having and offer you a free estimate. Once we begin the wildlife removal process, we’ll come to your property and conduct an inspection to determine where animals are entering and what species you’re having issues with. Sometimes you can have more than one animal living on your property without knowing it. Once we determine the size of your problem, we can create a plan to eliminate it.


We use our inspection to determine the best course of action. Then, we’ll follow the plan we came up with during the inspection, which may involve trapping, removal, repellents, or other wildlife control methods. If you need to deal with burrowing wildlife, we can also install barriers to block their ability to burrow under the structures of your property.


Exclusion is the final step in our wildlife control services. We fabricate all our exclusion doors from concrete to ensure even the toughest animals cannot get back inside once we install them. The one-way doors allow any animals not trapped and relocated to exit your home for a final time. Once they are out, there is no getting back in, and they will need to move on to other shelters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife Control

Having wildlife on your property is extremely dangerous. Not only do many species of wildlife in our area carry rabies and other illnesses, but they can also do severe damage to your home that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Our services can protect your property and your health by controlling local Texas wildlife.

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