Better to Dine Alone Than with These 4 Common Restaurant Pests

Better to Dine Alone Than with These 4 Common Restaurant Pests

Who doesn’t like to have a wonderful meal and enjoy some finger licking food at a restaurant? We all love it, isn’t it? Dining out for many of us is a pleasant way of spending some quality time with family and friends. Enjoying delicious food with a perfect backdrop seems like an amazing experience. But the entire experience is ruined, when you bump into an unwanted visitor called the fly in your soup or a baked cockroach on your favorite pizza topping and more.

Pests like, flies, cockroaches, rats, mice, ants and others are an ordeal for restaurants and the entire food serving the industry. Heavy pest infestation at a restaurant or an eatery are reasons for heavy financial losses, risk to customer health and danger to the brand image.

As experts in providing commercial pest control services in San Antonio, we can control the four most infamous pests at restaurants that can severely damage the image and reputation of any restaurant business.

So, here are the 4 troublemakers –


The presence of cockroaches is gruesome and unpleasant all over the world. Well, it’s not just our instincts that make us consider the unpredictable, bizarrely- moving creature hideous, but the health-related risks bring them on the radar of a pest control activity.
Cockroaches are known to be omnivorous and can practically feed on anything that is organic. For example, dead plants, glue or even strands of a human hair. It’s not only their presence but the ability to contaminate food and transport diseases that make them more harmful. One more weird fact about cockroaches is that they defecate close to their meal and cause various diseases ranging from diarrhea to gastroenteritis to Asthma and several other allergies.


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how spotless you maintain the kitchen. If there is food, water and shelter easily available with accessible entry points, chances of a pack of havoc creating rodents are highly possible in the stock room.
The trivia about rats is not just their scary presence, but their damaging feeding habits that cost restaurant owners across America millions of dollars each year. The scariest fact about these squirming creatures is the shocking number of viruses they can transmit to ruin human health.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests pose a series of problems before establishments that are involved in producing or making use of cereals, various types of flour, dried fruits, spices and so on. The common suspects that insatiably attack these products are the flour beetle, Indian meal moth, saw-toothed grain beetle and more. These creatures are mostly attracted towards dirty kitchens and can manage to infiltrate even spotless restaurants, by getting a ride on packaged food items.
These pests are more dangerous than cockroaches as they can easily contaminate, your cereal, bread or any other food item by secreting unhygienic fluids and feces that turn out to be high on carcinogens.


There is no place in the world where one cannot encounter flies. Accepting the fact that they are omnipresent, we humans just consider them to be a nuisance. But wait, when the same fly gets an opportunity to land on your food, it can perform activities like, vomit or defecate on the food items spreading more than 100 types of dangerous bacteria & viruses.
Restaurants or other food-serving establishments, often fall prey to more than one of the above-mentioned pests. And to get such situations under control, without damaging the reputation of the business, it’s wise to execute timely pest control sessions.