How chemicals and mattress encasements is effective at killing bed bugs?

Bed Bug under Bed

Bed bugs are  One of the most prolific pests that have shown themselves to be difficult to eradicate.

Based on our experience as professional bed bug exterminators in San Antonio, we highly recommend chemical treatment. This method is the most effective and least damaging to your largest investment, your home.

Dealing with Bed Bugs

 There are many arguments that can be read on many internet sites as to whether chemical or heat is the most effective.  Our company is highly respected as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced on the subject of the bedbug and its eradication.  Many pest control companies in our city refer their bedbug work to us because of our reputation for resolving this prolific issue.

What does the treatment have in store?

 You will be provided a checklist protocol that will have to be followed to the letter so that the treatment space is properly prepared for our treatment.  It takes most people up to three days to properly prepare the site for treatment, so it should be a red flag to anyone if a company agrees to come the same day to treat.  Improper preparation for this treatment will result in less favorable results, this is why we will not treat if the site has not been properly prepared.  Accurate will treat all furniture, floor spaces and even hard to treat items.  We provide bedbug mattress encasements and box spring covers.  A 10 day follow up will occur where we will provide an inspection and secondary treatment with a different chemistry to combat resistivity issues.  A 90-day unconditional warranty will be provided.

Know Why This Really Works

 A bedbug cannot fly, they can only crawl, so chemical treatment makes the most sense.  The University of A&M has shown that chemical vs. heat when properly prepared for and carried out by a proficient certified applicator both have a 97% kill rate leaving 3% behind to proliferate.  Chemical treatment will keep killing after the treatment has been applied whereas heat treatment as a sole means will allow any bedbugs that have fled to cool spots in the walls etc. to return with no resistance. Chemical treatment is the best!