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Why Bats Are Important For Our Environment

Pest control team in San Antonio educates on the ecological and economic importance of bats. Bats help control infestations of moths, mosquitoes, leafhoppe...

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The Reason Why You Smell Skunks In Your Home

A nauseating smell that makes you immediately cover your nostrils and mouth, come from no other animal, but an innocent-looking intruder called a skunk.

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DIY Vs. Professional Bed Bug Removal

A few customary D.I.Y. bed bug treatments you can utilize. Read on to learn more about D.I.Y. and professional bed bug treatment.

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Interesting Facts About Skunks

The best advice, the presence of skunks needs professional Wildlife Animal Control services in your San Antonio home.

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Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t just feed on humans; however, there is more to bed bugs than the basics. Here are some facts about bed bugs from the experts in San Antonio.

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Are Bed Bugs Active During The Winter Months?

At Accurate Pest Control, we believe bed bugs hibernate very differently compared to many other animals.

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How Long Do Bats Stay Out At Night

Did you know over 300 species of fruit depend on bats for pollination? Yes, you heard that right!

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What Attracts Raccoons To Your House?

Raccoons are typically scavengers who feed on anything; they have a strong sense of smell and can create destruction if neglected.

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How To Deal With Bed Bug Bites On Babies & Children

Bed bugs are not drawn to filth or decay. These blood-sucking critters live in any environment as long as it is close to their food source, which is blood.

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Rats vs Mice – What Is The Difference?

Rodents not only cause damage to structures of the home but can also be notorious public health pests.

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How To Seal Off Attic So Squirrels Can’t Access It?

If there is a squirrel in your attic, don't seal. You may trap a mother squirrel outside with her young ones still in the attic.

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Keep Your Home Free From Rats This Holiday Season

Christmas is coming! Everybody is coming home for Christmas. Including mice! Call Accurate Pest Control today to prevent mice in the house this holiday sea...

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