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When Do Termites Swarm In Texas?

Although an essential part of our ecosystem, termites can be a real problem if not detected in time.

What Bugs Bite At Night Besides Bed Bugs?

Hiring a bonded pest control company in San Antonio to check if bugs or other insects bite at night is the best advice.

How To Get Rid Of Biting Insects In The House

The pests frequently found in homes include bed bugs, mosquitoes, house centipedes, cockroaches, flies, scorpions, silverfish, and spiders.

What Months Are Snakes Most Active In Texas

If you inadvertently come near a snake, it’s best to move to a safe distance away from the striking range.

Snakebite: Immediate Steps Of Treatment

Move away from the snake’s striking range and try to identify it. Try to take a photo of the snake from a distance.

Are Raccoons Aggressive Towards Humans?

Raccoons are a common sight in cities and suburbs; humans tend to encounter raccoons more often in these areas.

Do Raccoons Hibernate In The Winter?

Raccoons are known to spend their winters within their dens. This blog will give you an overview of raccoons' hibernation; check the blog to learn more.

How Intelligent Are Squirrels?

Squirrels can get troublesome for most people, especially when invading their homes and destroying their property.

What Attracts Silverfish In Your House?

Silverfish can initiate allergic reactions in some individuals but are primarily nuisance pests that don’t bite nor are likely to spread pathogens.

Difference Between Mice And Rats

Do you know the difference between mice and rats, or do you think it's the same? Read this blog to learn the actual differentiation between the two.

What Is Special About Ants?

Female ants are smaller in proportion to the Queen; they are usually wingless and sterile.

What Will Happen If Ants Go Extinct

Ants play a crucial role on our planet. They are populous in number and essential for soil aeration, fertilization, and ecological balance.

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