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Best Rodent Control Services

Rodents are a group of nuisance pests that includes rats, mice, and squirrels. They usually contaminate food, damage property, and spread diseases. Rodents are considered gnawers of wood and in some situations, it becomes difficult to get rid of these small but destructive mammals. The key to rodent-proofing your home is pest control. Reach Accurate Pest Control in San Antonio and allow us to make your home rodent free.

Why should you go for prevention?

Finding and controlling a rodent is not that easy. We understand this situation, and thus, we’ve come up with the most effective solution for you. It is not that simple for the homeowners to prevent these mammals from getting inside home; calling professionals is a wise idea.

Rodents cause death and disease wherever they stay. Having an infestation in home is detrimental to your family’s health. The only way to solve the problem is to reduce their population and for that, you will need professional help.

Professional exterminators will check around and ensure that preventive methods are implemented. This will restrict future infestations and will keep your home safe and insects-free.

It is recommended to implement the preventative methods early to maintain a rodent free home. Rodents reproduce fast, and small populations become full blown infestations in a short span of time.

Professional Services

From glue traps to traditional snap traps, there are plenty of rodent remedies available. But do you know which of these solutions are effective? What you need is a professional pest control company, offering quality services at the best price.

At Accurate Pest Control, we’ve the best team of experts conducting inspections to ensure there is no rodent infestation present on a property.

When we get calls from clients, we do comprehensive inspection of the area. We check for signs of an infestation and try to reduce their food sources.

Our team makes use of rodenticides to deal with infestations of rodents. We put in our effort to find out places that experience rodent activity like construction sites, burrows, sewers, and public alleys. Our team conducts trapping during breeding seasons. We also actively place traps in public areas like parks, playgrounds, etc.


Some people try solving rodent problem on their own by using chemicals and other products which pose a threat to home and environment. Our pest control services will help you deal with all your residential and commercial pest problems in safe manner.