Squirrel Control: Is your house too inviting them?

Squirrel Control: Is your house too inviting them?


“Looks can be deceptive.” This statement applies to furry and cute-looking squirrels. Although these animals are small, they are a serious cause of concern for homeowners. Often found taking shelter in attics, between floors, and even in exterior walls during winter, they can do severe damage to homes.

Signs like scratching and gnawing noises from the ceiling, chewed wires, holes in the shingles confirm the presence of squirrels in your house. Apart from these disturbances, unseen health risks follow when homes are infested by these wildlife pests. Therefore, it is wise to take preventive measures and restrict their entry.

Squirrel control companies in San Antonio strongly suggest calling for professional help if squirrels have already made their way inside your home. They will make sure that the animals are dealt with in the most humane and safe manner.

So, do you want squirrels to avoid transforming your home into a cozy nesting space? It’s time to learn more about methods that can solve the problem.

Eliminate Attractants

Readily available food attracts squirrels to homes. Therefore, it is important to do the following:

  • Rake up berries, acorns, fruits, nuts, and birdseed from the yard.
  • Clean up leftovers and pet food.
  • Manage trash and secure garbage dumpsters with lids.
  • Remove any bird feeders; for better results, replace them with some safflower or nyjer seeds.

Restrict Accessibility

Squirrel infestation is difficult to deal with. To tackle this problem at an earlier stage:

  • Trim tree limbs that are very close to homes or feeders.
  • Remove objects like stacks of firewood from the sides of your home.
  • Use gutter guards. They restrict squirrels from entering your space through the sewers.
  • Make use of chimney guards to close or repair any holes that can lead the pest into your home.

Identify Squirrel Activity

Identify the traits and locations of squirrels in your home to determinethe most suitable squirrel control solution.Critical squirrel habits include the following:

  • Digging bulbs and seeds from the ground
  • Stealing berries and fruits
  • Damaging bird seeds from feeders
  • Digging holes in the lawn
  • Nesting in cozy spaces like attics, garages, and more