Things you do that attract termites

Termite Destroying wood


Believe it or not but termites are omnipresent and famous for their ability to build colonies 24 hours a day. They are an unpleasant pest with an insatiable hunger. Well this makes their presence even more dangerous. Tiny in size they are difficult to be identified easily, many times one might mistake them for ants. Not only this, but these pests can easily camouflage themselves, hence DIY techniques are not a good idea to deal with them.

Initially you may feel that they are gone, but after a few weeks when things become normal, you will spot a lot of them. This is when most residents in San Antonio, realize that their property is invaded with termites. However, to save your homes from more damage, a thorough termite inspection followed with professional termite extermination treatments is necessary.

We agree that termite infestations are a nightmare as they cause structural damage to property that can be very expensive, as a part of precautionary measures, it is essential for homeowners to have information about things that work as termite magnets.

So, let’s find how what attracts these silent destroyers

1. Stacks of Wood

A lot of homeowners pile up firewood in the yard as a practice to use it whenever necessary. But wood is the main source of food for termites and works as a strong magnet. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep these logs of wood at least 20 feet away from homes. Even a metal stand or a concrete structure can be used to keep the wood elevated from the ground. This helps reduce the risk of termites.

2. Clogged Gutters

Moisture is another element that attracts this pesky pest. Leaving gutters unattended for a long period of time by allowing them to clog can easily increase the termite population. So, timely maintenance of the gutter is necessary.

3. Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are dead wood that can rot if not removed in a specified duration. The decayed wood is a great source of food to these notorious creatures. So, make sure to get rid of dead wood from your yard at the earliest.

4. Mulch in The Garden

We agree that mulch adds nutrition to the soil and promotes tree growth. But unfortunately, as mulch retains moisture, it draws the attention of termites. However, mulching the garden by keeping a good amount of distance from the foundation of your home works out to be a good solution.

Alternatively, you can also use rubber mulch that is available at home improvement stores near you.

However, the easiest and most effective way to handle termite invasions is with the help of pest control specialists. They are trained professionals who have the most advanced techniques to keep your property termite free in the present and future.